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  • Sept. 11 Local History

    In Hardin County: 30 years ago, County clerk David Logsdon said he had been overruled by the attorney general concerning the county school board seat Bill Logsdon was to vacate.

  • Sept. 29 Local History

    In Hardin County: 30 years ago, depending on who you talked to, there appeared to be some shortages locally in building materials.

  • Man convicted of murder in 2007 dies

    Staff report

    VINE GROVE — A Vine Grove man convicted in 2007 of killing his stepfather has died at a Lexington hospital.

    Ricky Padgett, 54, died Saturday at the University of Kentucky Medical Center in Lexington.

    Padgett was sentenced to 20 years in prison for the March 2006 shooting death of his stepfather, L.B. "Bill" Payne at their Vine Grove home. Payne, 77, died two days after the shooting.

  • Sept. 26 Local History

    In Hardin County: 30 years ago, officials of North Central Comprehensive Care Center celebrated the agency's 10th anniversary by patting themselves on the backs and looking to the future with optimism after a financial collapse that threatened the agency's survival two years prior. 20 years ago, in her mother's eyes, Katrina Muller, who was critically burned in the Carrollton bus crash, was a winner in the Miss Rineyville pageant, even though she had no crown or trophy to take home. 10 years ago, The house at 109 E. Poplar St.

  • Oct. 17 Local History


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  • Sept. 23 Local History

    In Hardin County: 30 years ago, according to Hardin Memorial Hospital Executive Director James Stephens the hospital's new ultra sound machine — with a price tag of $55,000 — brought Hardin Memorial abreast of recent technological developments. 20 years ago, five men walking the picket line in front of Accumetric Inc. were arrested after they ignored orders by an Elizabethtown police officer to clear the drive and allow traffic to pass at shift change.

  • Sept. 17 Local History

    In Hardin County: 30 years ago, a proposed industrial landfill located near the south edge of Elizabethtown, which city officials said could pollute the city water supply, was still inactive and controversial after a meeting with city and state officials and landfill owners failed. 20 years ago, "Hi Mom.

  • Sept. 12 Local History

    In Hardin County: 30 years ago, former Hardin County School Board Chairman Russell Hargan told The News-Enterprise that his inability to work with the superintendent was the real reason he resigned and the reasons he gave at the board meeting for his surprise resignation were "flimsy excuses." 20 years ago, the last drum of potentially dangerous material was excavated at the former industrial-waste landfill near Howevalley and none of the 9,123 drums in the 11-acre site off Tom Duvall Road contained "extremely toxic or hazardous" ma

  • Oct. 8 Local History