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  • Aug. 24, 2010, editorial: Roundabout expected to improve traffic

    A traffic headache for many motorists traveling in and out of Rineyville has been addressed head on with the addition of a roundabout connecting Ky. 1600 and Ky. 220. Growth in the Rineyville area has increased over the last decade and created congestion at the intersection designed originally for a much less traffic. Progress in the county has created growing pains as once less populated areas grow into residential neighborhoods.

  • Aug. 8, 2010: Our readers write

    Beautify the overpass

    Having been blessed to have lived most of my four score years here in Hardin County, I have watched as Elizabethtown has grown in many ways; the radio, TV, electricity, interstate highways, L&N Railroad, airport and industrial development. It’s wonderful to watch as our towns are shaped by the events of our time.

  • Ask the Expert: Beat the heat; have a drink


    Water is essential to the human body even though it doesn’t provide vitamins, minerals or other nutrients.

    On average, 60 percent of your body is water, and every system in your body depends on water to function. Fluid intake becomes crucial during the summer to help regulate body temperature and prevent heat stroke.

  • Katrina jazz musicians return to Louisville this weekend

    The News-Enterprise

    Five years ago, a Louisville synagogue brought in four displaced musicians from New Orleans to play traditional New Orleans jazz at venues across the city. For one weekend, the Louisville community gave them a home and a place to play their music away from Hurricane Katrina.

    Now, five years later, Congregation Adath Jeshurun is bringing back the legendary clarinet player, Dr. Michael White, and his quartet of world-renowned musicians to raise money for the Gulf region.

  • Wake up with a little Greg and Hollie in your cup

    By BECCA OWSLEY bowsley@thenewsenterprise.com You may be used to waking up with Greg and Hollie on the radio, but now you can wake up with them in your coffee cup, too. Arnold Myers, who serves his special blend coffees online, has teamed up with Greg and Hollie from the WQXE 98.3 morning show to raise money for Hosparus.

  • Aug. 6, 2010: Our readers write

    Words to remember

    I urge all independents, tea party advocates and other disillusioned and disappointed voters regardless of part affiliation to remember this famous remark of Ronald Reagan.

    He said that the most terrifying words in the English language are “I’m from the government, and I’ve come to help you.”

    Austin Hansel


    On the Hardin County Vision Project

  • MomsTown comes to Central Kentucky


      The News-Enterprise

    Bonnieville mom entrepreneur Deborah Todd has launched a new local Web site — www.CentralKentuckyMomsTown.com — and she hopes it will be a place where moms can connect with each other and with local businesses.

  • Aug. 19, 2010: Our readers write

    Wall Against Hunger has meaning

    I read with much interest a letter from a local resident who had opposition regarding what our local “wall of cans” represents. It seems the writer’s issue was the wall’s comparison to the actual Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall, honoring our fallen veterans. The writer seemed to believe no one would tie the meaning of the actual monument to a simple wall of cans of corn.

  • Welcome home

    Getting to know: Mary Tindall and Pat Exum Mary Tindall Hobbies: Scrapbooking and reading light mysteries, books with happy endings and modern history. She won’t read Nicholas Sparks because his books don’t have happy endings.

  • BOYS' PREP CROSS COUNTRY: North Hardin's Stewart savoring last ride (08/31)

    By JOSH CLAYWELL jclaywell@thenewsenterprise.com Andrew Stewart knows this is it, his last chance to win a cross country state championship. It’s his last chance to go out on top in Class 3-A, to prove he’s the best. It’s something the North Hardin senior has been working for since joining the team as a freshman, something he’s thought about since the end of