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  • Jan. 25, 2010: Services


  • Rising Voices: Hollywood's negative picture


    It’s safe to say our culture has an undeniable obsession with celebrities.

    Every store has endless amounts of glossy gossip magazines waiting for you to pick up and feast your eyes on the airbrushed bodies of women and men alike.

    Our obsession comes with a huge fault though.

    The millions of pictures of “ideal bodies” we see in pictures and films can have an overwhelming effect on one’s self esteem — for teenagers, particularly.

  • Rising Voices: Here's a tip

    Everybody needs a break once in a while, but that doesn't mean letting your brain turning to mush just because you're off from school for winter break. 

  • Rising Voices: Point/Counterpoint


    Yes, yes, a thousand times yes!

    While I admit I am frequently searching for ways to work around my school’s dress code, I do think that it’s a good idea to have one for numerous reasons.

    Dress codes are the perfect middle ground between school uniforms and free-for-all dress, and we do need to have some limitations on our apparel while we are getting an education.

  • Rising Voices: Point/Counterpoint

    By Amira Bryant

    Students shouldn’t be tied down by dress codes that trap them from learning on their own about being subtle and dressing loudly.

    Teens should be allowed to be creative with expressing their confidence and dress as comfortable as they feel. In the process they will learn responsibility and self-control independently. Discovering the  right tools to help them make appropriate decisions will improve their judgment and help them later in life.

  • Hodgenville to toast historic district expansion



  • Former POW Charles Frost Jr. dies



    RADCLIFF — A local man who survived the Tiger Death March as a POW in the Korean War died Sunday.

    Charles Frost Jr. often arrived at local veterans events in a 1942 Army Jeep. He also would wear his old uniform, which he will be buried in. He was 77.

    “Wherever there was something that paid a tribute or an honor to soldiers, he was there,” former state Rep. Mike Weaver said.

    Frost joined the Army at age 15, and two years later was sent to battle in Korea.

  • Rising Voices: Don’t worry, health care’s on you

    Introduction by AMIRA BRYANT

    Many area teens don’t consider the decision of the health care reform to be a concerning issue when it comes to their welfare and safety. They concentrate on their studies and activities, believing if the potential health care overhaul needed their attention their parents or guardians would pass along the information.

  • Rising Voices: What YOU said

    The following are responses to a Facebook discussion question asking local teens: What is your favorite holiday memory?   My favorite holiday memory was the year that my parents finally let me use my money from my family to get myself a pet rat. Most people think rats are filthy and creepy, but he was what I could afford and he was the smartest pet I've ever had. I named him Scabbers because I was crazy about Harry Potter. I was young so I would talk to him, sing to him, and everything. He was my best gift ever.

  • Filing deadline Tuesday

    By MARTY FINLEY mfinley@thenewsenterprise.com HARDIN COUNTY — Filing season closes this week, and Hardin County Clerk Kenny Tabb said the response has been typical of local elections. The deadline for filing for public office is 4 p.m. Tuesday and Tabb expects interest to pick up in the final days. But he warned potential candidates to avoid last-minute filing plans on Tuesda