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  • Heart attack kills hunter


    A man who successfully harvested a deer on Fort Knox property Saturday died of a massive heart attack, according to the Hardin County Coroner’s office.

    Stanley Thomas Eitutis, a 40-year-old father and Vine Grove resident, was found unresponsive around 3:20 p.m. Saturday afternoon by his brother, Fort Knox officials said.

  • School officials, college confer about prep work



    ELIZABETHTOWN — School district superintendents, looking to prepare their students for college, are going right to the source to determine what is needed for success.

    Elizabethtown Community and Technical College administrators and faculty met Monday with superintendents of districts in north-central Kentucky to discuss steps needed to fully prepare high school students for post-secondary education.

  • Oct. 30: 2008: Our readers write


    Weaver: Strong

    in regional ties

    I have known Mike Weaver for over 30 years. I have known him as a soldier, a small businessman and a state representative. He has excelled in all three professions. Our district needs him back.

  • Candidates respond to The News-Enterprise editorials

    Lisa Williams

    Kentucky 25th House District

    The voters of the 25th District have a clear choice this election. They can move forward or remain stuck in the past.

    The News-Enterprise thinks it would be a “terrible loss” for Elizabethtown if Jimmie did not return to Frankfort. However, looking at Jimmie’s campaign pocketbook and voting record, it would be a terrible loss for Hardin County to send him back to Frankfort.

  • Nov. 12: Our readers write

    Put hate aside

    I want to send the best wishes possible to President-elect Barack Obama. I can say I have nothing but the highest hopes for Barack Obama’s presidency as I know my whole family does and believe most Republicans do.

    I think most Republicans wish him great success with the economy, race issues, world leaders and all issues that involve America. What is good for America is good for my children and grandchildren and I only want the best America for them.

  • Dems may ask House to investigate Pine Valley vote



    ELIZABETHTOWN — The state House Democratic Campaign Caucus Committee this week may ask for a legislative investigation into voting at the Pine Valley precinct — a rare move that may call into question the outcome of a close 26th District race.

    Democrats, who lost the race by 108 votes, say proper procedure was not followed after a voting machine broke Nov. 4 at the polling place.

  • Nov. 2, 2008: Our readers write

          Why I voted for Barack

    I voted Oct. 27 because I am a full-time student and resident assistant at Western Kentucky University. I will be in Bowling Green on Election Day.

    I voted for Sen. Barack Obama because he knows how to better America.

    Sen. John McCain is simply revising President George Walker Bush’s current policies. You may hear it often, but that is not the change America needs.

  • City says novelty shop can open



    ELIZABETHTOWN – Several residents representing Howard Street and Westside Baptist Church appeared Monday at City Hall in support of Karen Killensworth, who spoke out against the opening of Adam & Eve, a retail lingerie and adult novelty shop, set to open on North Dixie Avenue.

  • Nov. 4: Our readers write

    Doing with less

    A few weeks ago, we saw our government in Washington, D.C., require us to bail out Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and banks. It had to be done “right now” — it couldn’t wait.

  • Nov. 17, 2008: Our readers write

    Are we missing the bus again?