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  • Coming together: Storm brings best out of people

    By BOB WHITE bwhite@thenewsenterprise.com HARDIN COUNTY – Winter’s wrath has brought people together all over the county as they rely on help from others, forgetting about their own needs to volunteer and simply huddle together for warmth. Fire, police and volunteer crews regionally have focused on protection and service with welfare checks on the elderly, disabled and n

  • Breaking News


    Hardin County Schools, Elizabethtown Independent Schools and Fort Knox Community Schools are among the schools closed Friday as power and water outages and slick roads play havoc with schedules.

    Also, the Fort Knox Army post is closed, open only to weather essential personnel. Fort Knox personnel have also been encouraged to conserve water.


  • Jan. 30, 2009: Services


  • Motorcycles:

    By ROBERT VILLANUEVA rvillanueva@thenewsenterprise.com ELIZABETHTOWN — Maybe they weren’t “Born To Be Wild,” but some area women regularly “head out on the highway” succumbing to the allure of motorcycling. They might ride their motorcycles through a few counties or travel through several states.

  • Ask the Expert


    When you grow up on a dairy farm you realize a few things about life. Before I go any further I want you to have an accurate picture of my life on the farm. My grandparents owned the farm, but my dad managed the day-to-day operation. For reasons I will not divulge, my sisters and I never milked a cow.

  • Tantrums are a performance issue

    Many adults seem to believe that when they are angry, they get their way. Explode, intimidate others, and then get what you want. People believe it works with their spouses, their children and even at work. But really, an adult having a temper tantrum isn’t a pretty sight. We’ve seen the meltdowns in professional sports with football players acting out on the field.

  • A bohemian flair


    Los Angeles Times

    LOS ANGELES — With their restored 1918 loft and their 1946 Chevy pickup, the thrift-shop chairs they sit on and the vintage clothes they wear, fashion designer Elizabeth Kramer and real estate agent Robert Heller celebrate giving old things new life.

  • Taking out gas



    HARDIN COUNTY — The winter season has produced bouts of snow and ice coupled with staggeringly low temperatures, meaning that heating devices are likely working hard to keep families warm.

    As winter lulls on, though, homeowners should stay alert and take the proper precautions to keep devices properly vented to avoid the accumulation of carbon monoxide, experts say.

  • A Long Way from Home


  • Jan 29 editorial: Coach deserving of high honor

    Dwayne Ellis recently earned a spot in the Kentucky High School Baseball Coaches Association Hall of Fame and it was a well-deserved honor for someone who dedicated himself to the game and to North Hardin High School.

    In 23 seasons at North Hardin, Ellis guided the Trojans to a pair of 5th Region championships, 15 berths in the 17th District tournament final and 404 wins.

    Ellis had an influence on student-athletes at North Hardin on the baseball field and in the classroom where he taught English. His easy-going nature was embraced by players and students.