Today's News

  • April rainfall totals nearly a foot

    If April showers really do bring May flowers, then allergy sufferers could be on overdrive in a few weeks.

    As of noon Monday, nearly 11 inches of rain had hit Hardin County over the first 25 days of the month, and more rain was in the forecast for this week. Monday, residents were greeted by a torrential rain by late afternoon.

  • Candle Sampley — a woman of many talents



    When Candle Sampley was 8 years old she told her parents she wanted a piano.

    She did jobs around the house to get enough money to pay her part, and after several months her family brought home a piano. She started talking lessons when she was 9 and loved it. After graduating high school she picked up the guitar.

    Now age 29, Sampley plays and writes her own music.

  • One freaked out Corgi

    The past couple weeks were full of storms and have left me with little sleep. Not because they wake me up, I find sleeping through stormy weather quite soothing.

    My lack of sleep is because, for some reason, Duke the Corgi suddenly has become scared of storms. Furthermore he believes when he is scared I have to be awake. Boo, my Chocolate Lab, is quite annoyed by this as he grumbles at Duke and then flops back asleep.

    I’m not sure where this new fear of storms came from, but the lack of sleep is beginning to wear on me.

  • A cast carried by the film's giant star

    I will make an enemy of every “Twilight” fan on the planet when I talk of Robert Pattinson’s performance in “Water for Elephants.”

    The Pachyderm has more personality than Pattinson. But at least he smiled a few times in this one.

    The film is based on the best-selling novel written by Sara Gruen. It’s about a veterinary student, Jacob (Pattinson), whose parents die in a car accident right as he’s getting ready to take his final vet school exam.

  • Update: Wet weekend followed by forecast of more storms

    Soaked soil was unable to absorb much of the heavy weekend rains complicating flooding problems across the region.

    Hardin County's Mesonet weather station recorded 3.25 inches of rain over the weekend. More rain and occasional thunderstorms are likely today, Tuesday and Wednesday, according to forecasters. An additional three-tenths had fallen by 7 a.m. today on top of the April total of 11.58 inches as of midnight Sunday.

  • I-65: The new L&N

    Model train enthusiast Jim Prentice recounted how a group of Bardstown dignitaries traveled to Louisville in the 1960s to protest L&N’s plan to end the passenger rail service that chugged into their town on a spur.

    When a railway official asked how they had arrived that day, they answered by car and bus.

    Saturday marks the 40th anniversary of the last Louisville & Nashville passenger run.

  • Schools liven up atmosphere to ease state-testing stress

    To get students ready for days of intensive testing, schools around the county allowed kids to live it up a little, in hopes it will result in high scores.

    The window for the Kentucky Core Content Test begins today, so schools have been working to boost their students’ spirits and set goals for them to achieve.

    Many schools held assemblies, including Creekside, Howevalley and Meadow View elementary schools. Vine Grove Elementary School students took a walk around the town Friday to receive encouragement from businesses in the area.

  • Easter service delievers special message to Christians

    About 20 congregation members swept past the faint scent of Easter lilies in the small entry of the 160-year-old Christ Episcopal Church and Christ Lutheran Chapel building in Elizabethtown for the 8 a.m. Easter service.

    The Rev. Alice Nichols, rector of the church for nearly four years, likes the extra candles, lilies and attendees that accompany Easter services every year.

    She said it gives her the chance to tell more people about the death and resurrection of Jesus.

    “In a way, every Sunday is Easter,” she said.

  • Flood waters rising in West Point

    While many people organized Easter egg hunts and family dinners, some West Point residents were moving out of their homes to avoid flood waters.

    Angela Frost watched her husband, Joseph, and some friends take the central air conditioning unit apart to retrieve water-sensitive parts to prepare for the worst flooding the family has seen in seven years of living on Elm Street.

    “We wanted to go to church, but we’ve been packing all morning,” she said.

  • Hollings graduates basic training

    HOLLINGS. Army Pfc. Latisha S. Hollings has graduated from Basic Combat Training at Fort Sill in Lawton, Okla. A 2009 graduate of John Hardin High School in Elizabethtown, she is the daughter of Louis and Christine Hollings of Radcliff.