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  • March 23, 2009: Our readers write

    HCPP not affiliated with closed shelter

    I am writing on behalf of Hardin County Pet Protection Inc. regarding some confusion in the community after publication of a report about the Hardin County Humane Society. 

    I am appalled by the alleged conduct of the HCHS; however, many people in this area do not know the difference between our group, Hardin County Pet Protection, and the HCHS. This is creating a problem for our charity which does a lot of good for animals in this area.

  • March 20, 2009: Our readers write


    There is a design and a designer

    I read with interest Mr. Darcy's letter “Religion Questioned” in the March 18 News- Enterprise. He asked a lot of questions and made some arrogant comments, but I don’t know if he wants answers or if he is just being sarcastic. I cannot answer all in this space.

    I will try to relieve him and others who don’t believe in God of their misery and burden, because I can’t imagine anything worse than living this live believing the grave is the end.

  • March 20 editorial: Exploring the past

    THE ISSUE: Experiencing local history

    OUR VIEW: Accessible, and free 

    Local history now is more accessible than ever as The Hardin County History Museum opens five days a week for visitors.

    Thanks to a grant from the Lincoln Bicentennial Commission the Museum is now open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday, and has been able to hire an archeologist to serve as part-time director, expanding its hours from 20 hours a week to 40 hours. 

  • March 12: Our Readers Write

    Millions of us have lost a friend I am disappointed in your paper " from [March 1 to March 4], I have looked for an article concerning the death of Paul Harvey. Did I miss it? When it was the death of Anna Nicole Smith and Tim Russert or any other liberal, it was mentioned on a daily basis for over a week or more. At least The Courier-Journal had an article (almost ½ page)

  • Accident shuts down both lanes of I-65

    Staff Report

  • March 19, 2009: Our readers write

    Principal fully supports program In response to the recent comments on the North Hardin JROTC program after the article on the achievements of the air rifle team, we would like to respond. There were some strongly worded criticisms of the administration support of the JROTC program. Readers may have been led to believe that the administration does not support the program, which i

  • March 22 editorial: Replace rhetoric with action

    THE ISSUE: Small businesses need help

    OUR VIEW:  America's foundation

    Politicians perennially say more about boosting small businesses, the backbone of the U.S. economy, but do less for them  than anything else.

    That’s why as the national economy has augured toward recession or worse, the plight of small business in this country has been overshadowed in the din of  failing mega financial institutions brought down by their own greed, bad management, corruption and risky gambles with other people’s money.

  • March 5, 2009: Our readers write

    Some things are obvious

    I read in the obituaries that a 100-year-old lady was preceded in death by her parents. It would have been a heck of a story if they had outlived her.

    The obituary demonstrates the absurdity of boiler plate language. There are proper ways to inform us of the identity of the deceased’s parents. Your way is not one of them.

    Austin Hansel


    One child’s jacket is another’s warmth

  • March 24, 2009: Our readers write

    Christians are not the same as Taliban

    Gerald Darcy’s 18 March 09 Letter to the Editor “ Religion Questioned” definitively proved to himself and the world that he is a liberal sycophant who exercises his First Amendment Right of freedom of expression to show his lack of knowledge regarding facts, history, and common sense regarding religion and conservatives.

    First he states that religion destroys civilizations comparing the Taliban of Afghanistan to Christians in America.

  • March 30, 2009: Our readers write

    What are you here for? This is in response to a letter written by Mr. Gerald Darcy on March 18, 2009. Yes, Mr. Darcy, God gave man free will and no one can take that away from us. If you don’t think there is anything after the grave then what are you here for?God gave us life and a purpose on this earth. The main one is to worship Him and give Him the glory that he deserves.&n