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  • GIRLS' PREP BASKETBALL: Cecil leads Etown to win over John Hardin (01/23)

    Oh Cecil-ia.

    Elizabethtown junior guard Kaylyn Cecil had the John Hardin Lady Bulldogs back on their knees early in the first half.

    Her first-quarter scoring outburst, along the Lady Panthers’ stifling defense, lifted Elizabethtown to another 17th District win Saturday night.

    Cecil scored nine of her game-high 18 points in the first quarter and senior Natalie Greenwell added 11 points to lead Elizabethtown to a 60-37 win.

  • Malito first runner-up in state pageant

    A past winner of the local county fair pageant has placed high in a statewide contest.
    Paige Malito, 21, a former Miss Hardin County Fair winner, was first runner-up in Miss Kentucky County Fair on Jan. 15. The pageant included 91 winners of state county fair pageants.
    This was Malito’s fifth year in the pageant, and she entered the pageant this year as Miss Franklin-Simpson. The state pageant includes an interview portion Friday, and then swimsuit and evening gown competitions the following day.

  • PREP WRESTLING: LaRue County pins down title

    Nick Paden and the LaRue County Hawks got a glimpse of just how good they could be while competing in a tournament in Georgia over Christmas break.

  • RV 1-31 "Life in Skinny Jeans"

    By Janelle Williams
    While many teens across the nation are tweeting or texting, sixteen-year-old Misty England is authoring her own autobiography, "Life in Skinny Jeans."
    “I want to tell what it’s like to be big and small,” England, who dropped 121 pounds in nine months, said. “I want people to know what it’s like to be on both sides.”
    After witnessing her own mother’s loss of 318 pounds, England resolved to shed some weight herself.

  • Krebs speaks at Elizabethtown Lions meeting

  • Elizabethtown Rotary Club Members Welcome Guest Speakers

    Terri Stewart and Beth Cahaney were the guest speakers at the Elizabethtown Rotary Club meeting Jan. 18. They gave a presentation called “The Politics of Community Building,” which related to Belfast in Northern Ireland. Pictured from left, Terri Stewart, Rotarian Michael Owsley and Beth Cahaney.

  • Elizabethtown Tourism Presents Donation To Coca-Cola Club

    Elizabethtown Tourism Chairman Jim Long presents a $770.80 check to the Lees, members of the Mid-South Coca-Cola Club. The funds were used to assist in advertising for the 2010 Septemberfest event. The two-day event created an estimated economic impact of more than $25,000 for the local economy.

  • Sometimes, close counts

    TOPIC: Missed goals
    OUR VIEW: Numbers don't always tell the whole story

    We have become a society that measures success only by the numbers that are reached.
    If a basketball player does not reach his 18 points per game average and his team still wins, was his effort a failure? Many say yes. What we should be looking at are the two dives to the floor as he kept possession for his team, the way he set a pick to free up a better shot or the way he encouraged his teammates from the bench after he fouled out.

  • KaSaundra Hardin's got talent

    KaSaundra Hardin of Radcliff is about to have a chance to make her dreams come true.
    The 15-year-old John Hardin High School student is heading to Atlanta to audition for NBC’s “America’s Got Talent.”
    After watching the show for a while Hardin decided to go online and find a place to audition. The closest location was Atlanta.
    “Singing has always been my passion and it’s my dream to make it big,” Hardin said.
    She leaves today for a first step toward that dream.

  • McKeever mobilized and activated