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  • June 3 editorial: Restore the Heritage House

    Local authorities say it was arson that destroyed one of Hardin County’s significant historical structures early Friday morning. Just before 5 a.m., Elizabethtown firefighters responded to the blaze. Unfortunately, they were too late to save the Lincoln Heritage House at Freeman Lake Park. After the flames were extinguished, the structure was left in smoldering ruin.

  • June 10, 2009: Our readers write

    Final honors

    The letter from Kim Orozco which appeared in The News-Enterprise Tuesday is one that touched many of us who have worn a military uniform at some time in our lives.

    I, too, as a career U.S. Army soldier, believe in the importance of properly honoring those who have served this nation. I speak for every Army soldier when I say that we are incredibly grateful for the service of our veterans. We could not be the successful force we are today without the work of those who went before us.

  • June 26 Building Permits

    The following building permit information has been obtained from Hardin County Planning and Development Commission and the City of Elizabethtown Planning and Development offices. The name of the applicant, applicant’s address and use of permit are listed.

    Hardin County Fair Board, 5617 S. Dixie Highway, county. Use: pavilion.

    Ben Partin II, 78 Twin Oaks, county. Use: barn.

    Samuel and Cathy Haynes, 13478 Leitchfield Road, Cecilia. Use: change of use.

    G&P Construction, lot 49 Ben Court, county. Use: single-family dwelling.

  • June 21 Traffic and misdemeanors

    The following misdemeanor and traffic violation cases are found in Hardin District Court Division I in Elizabethtown. KAPS stands for Kentucky Alternative Programs. Totals include court costs and/or public advocacy fees. Birth year is in parenthesis.

    Nicolas J. Cicero (1990). Theft by unlawful taking. Sixty days in jail probated for two years on conditions in the order. Total $255.

    Dillon D. Ivers (1988). Theft by unlawful taking. Sixty days in jail probated for two years on conditions in the order. Total $255.

  • July 1: Our readers write

    What’s next? Kentucky is known for its fine bourbon whiskey, tobacco, race horses and vast coal reserves. Since drinking alcohol, smoking and gambling are considered by many to be sinful behavior, our government has no reluctance to tax and regulate them out of existence. Coal, which is said to contribute to global warming, will meet a similar fate. Next, all our beautiful har

  • PREP FOOTBALL: Meade makes good use of its time (7/1)

    By CHUCK JONES cjones@thenewsenterprise.com BRANDENBURG — The Meade County Green Wave don’t change too many things from one football season to the next. The Green Wave, who finished 5-6 last season, spent the month of June doing exactly what they do every year at this time.

  • June 19 Property Transfers

    The following property transfers are listed as given on deeds at the Hardin County Clerk’s Office in Elizabethtown.

    TG Development LLC to Tiffany and William O. Root Jr., lot 48 Avery Estates, county, $149,950.

    Kristen Stewart to Charlotte Ballman, 6401 Hardinsburg Road, Cecilia, love and affection. FMV: $20,000.

    James M. and Ingrid Akers to Minnie E. Martin, property in Elizabethtown, love and affection. FMV: $22,000.

    Johnathon Lee and Heather Akers to Minnie E. Martin, property in Elizabethtown, $10,000.

  • June 5, 2009: Our readers write


    Reapportionment headaches

    Last November the voters of Hardin County approved a proposal to return to the previous magisterial form of government. Voters were not satisfied with ‘at large’ representation. They wanted to be represented by someone they knew, who lived near them and who would understand their problems and issues.

  • Trip home stirs flood of memories

    When I left home at 19, I couldn’t wait to leave the city that I believed at suffocated me for years.

    There was nothing to do in Cornwall, Ontario. Life was boring and the great escape was to cross the border into the United States to see what life 15 miles away was like.

    It wasn’t much different.

    Life in Cornwall was as stagnant as the early August air in Kentucky.

    I don’t get back to home much anymore and as the wife says, after about 3 days of visiting family, I’m ready to come home to Elizabethtown.

  • May 31 editorial: Labor-business confrontation

    Employee Free Choice Act. Simply mentioning those words in just about any context automatically brands the user as pro- or anti-labor, anti- or pro-business.