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  • Ice Storm 2009 Brings Gratitude and Appreciation



    By Mickey Miller

    Guest columnist


  • GIRLS' PREP BASKETBALL: Jones, Elizabethtown win fourth consecutive district title (02/28)


  • Feb. 9, 2009: Our readers write

    Utility crews deserve rest and gratitude

    We would like to express our heartfelt thank you to the Nolin RECC and Kentucky Utilities electric companies for the long hours, hard work, and relentless dedication they have displayed during the winter storm crisis.

    The linemen, crew, and other dedicated staff have worked to reconnect power to the area when some of their own homes were still without. Their loved ones should be commended for the support they have provided them.

  • Feb. 3 editorial: Leadership program good for participants, schools and students

    THE ISSUE: Principal Leadership Academy

    OUR VIEW: Smart, forward-thinking 

    It’s not every day the opportunity comes along to get job-specific training for a next career move. And it’s probably not every day an employer knows that, when a position comes open, a number of its employees already are trained and able to take on the challenge.

    But, that’s a scenario Hardin County Schools hopes to make a common reality with its Principal Leadership Academy.

  • Is this the plan to save the day?

    By Dana Beasley Brown, guest columnist

    As a mother, I’m fed up with the questionable choices made by the leaders who are entrusted to serve and protect their citizens. As a resident of Kentucky, I need to know that our leadership is willing to invest in the life that my son will have here. I need to know that when he’s old enough to go to school, he’ll have every opportunity to learn and succeed as well as his friends in Maryland and his cousins in California.

  • Feb. 13, 2009: Our readers write

    Issues deeper than skin color

  • Feb. 17, 2009: Our readers write


    It’s worth investing  in an energy audit

    Almost all of us are wasting more energy than we realize. We turn up our thermostats, and the warm air goes through the roof even faster.

    The League of Women Voters of Hardin County wants to acquaint everyone with a great bargain. For only $15 Kentucky Utilities and Nolin-RECC customers can get an energy audit of your house by a professionally-trained person.

  • Conference committees fade, democracy suffers

    By Lee H. Hamilton

    Guest columnist

    In the official record, you will find that the economic stimulus package recently passed by Congress was drawn up by a conference committee — a bipartisan group of House members and senators who sat down together to wrangle over its fine print. In truth, nothing like this took place.

    To be sure, a conference committee met, as is supposed to happen when legislation passed by the House differs from the version passed by the Senate. But it was more for show than for actual debate and deliberation.

  • Visits to the country are reminders of fun times


    Death can bring a flood of memories with it.

    Sometimes the memories make you smile; sometimes you cry.

    Both emotions make you feel pretty good in the long run because when you care about someone, both emotions will come out.

    I had an uncle die Wednesday night. He wasn’t my favorite uncle, but he was a good guy with a nice golf game back in his day.

    So after I got the call, of course I started to remember the time I spent with him and my aunt, a long, long time ago.

  • We should look hard for our heroes

    SLICE OF LIFE by Jeff D'Alessio

    My Dad told me when I was about my son's age of 11, that the best hitter he had ever seen in baseball was Hank Aaron.

    It was at that age that I really started paying attention to baseball and the guys we'd see on TV maybe once a week. Man, have times changed.

    Thirty-seven years later, Dad still says the same thing about Aaron, even after he's had a chance to see many of the great players in the game today.