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  • Feb. 6, 2009: Our readers write

    Gratitude for weathering the storm

    In five short months, Mother Nature has twice demonstrated her remarkable power, with the September 2008 wind storm and the January 2009 ice storm. The devastating effects of the ice storm caused the largest power outage in Kentucky’s history, surpassing even the wind storm. And it left in its wake brutal cold, hazardous conditions and widespread destruction.

  • The only thing we have to fear is ... our decision-makers

    By Bob Martin, guest columnist

    During the dark days of the Great Depression President Roosevelt made every effort to boost confidence. It was then he reminded us that "we have nothing to fear, but fear itself." Roosevelt knew economic conditions depend critically on optimism and the confidence to plan for better times. President Obama once stated that President Reagan’s success was due to his ability to restore a sense of optimism about America following the failures and disappointments of the 1960s and 1970s.

  • Feb. 27 editorial: Champions

    In any high school sport coaches look to the seniors to provide leadership, guidance and motivation to the younger players. The members of the Central Hardin High School Girls basketball team have an incredible group of mentors to emulate.

  • Feb. 16: Our readers write

    Coaching clarity

    Having grown up in Hardin County, I have always been a fan of the local high school basketball scene. Even after moving to Louisville a few years ago, I continued to follow the local teams via The News-Enterprise Web site.  I would always try to drive down and catch some of the best games. 

  • Feb. 10: Our readers write

    Greatest gift

    I have heard “thank you” all week from American Red Cross representatives, whether volunteers or staff, the mayor and his office, the fire chief, and many other organizations. I have only one thing to say. Thank you.

  • Feb. 12, 2009: Our readers write

     Continuing legacy

    The Hardin County education community recently lost a champion in Ernest Thro. His dedication to the betterment of our children was unparalleled and will be greatly missed.

  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL: Pettigrew raising the stakes at Western (02/27)


  • By Gov. Steve Beshear


    The late-January winter storm that slammed into Kentucky tested not only our infrastructure but our spirit.


    Belying its glistening beauty, the relentless accumulation of snow and ice caused such devastation that its impact has been compared to that of an earthquake.


    Nearly 800,000 families and businesses – representing almost 36 percent of the state’s energy consumers - lost power.


  • Heart of Kentucky Association of Realtors makes donations to community organizations

    1 Making the donation to David Dozer, Director of North Hardin Hope, were committee members Denise Conover, Cindy Wright, Gwen Avery and Steve Heartsill.

    2 Henry White, Director of Helping Hands was presented the donation by committee members Denise Conover, Cindy Wright, Gwen Avery and Steve Heartsill.

    Heart of Kentucky Association of Realtors makes donations to community organizations

  • GIRLS' PREP BASKETBALL: Eure delivers dandy defense for North Hardin (02/26)



    RADCLIFF — James Slaven doesn’t measure Shameen Eure’s production by the number of baskets she scores.

    Instead, North Hardin High School’s girls’ basketball coach looks at the points his 18-year-old senior shooting guard doesn’t allow to be scored.

    For Eure, defense is her calling.

    She’s a standout center fielder on the softball field.

    She’s a perennial All-Area defender on the soccer pitch.