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  • June 3 Local History


  • Grant application workshop offered for feminist artists

    Staff Report ELIZABETHTOWN — Assistance for women who want to apply for the Kentucky Foundation for Women Artist Enrichment grant will be available Aug. 6 at Pritchard Community Center during an Artist Enrichment grant workshop. The free workshop will be 6 p.m.-9 p.m.. It will include time to network, discuss feminism and art for social change, and think through the c

  • July 27 Local History


    30 YEARS AGO, according to the Hardin County Property Valuation Administrator, Randall Jones, Hardin Countains could expect their property tax bills to increase by eight to 10 percent that year.

    20 YEARS AGO, the Bowling Green-based grocery chain Houchens announced that an agreement was reached with its parent companies that will make it 100 percent employee-owned.

  • July 8 Local history


  • Water, sewer projects could serve Glendale development



    GLENDALE — With this area’s fate hanging on the imminent announcement of whether an electric car battery factory will receive federal stimulus funds to build here, not everybody is just waiting around anxiously.

  • July 22 local history

    30 YEARS AGO, demoted G.C. Burkhead Elementary School principal Pearl Miller’s attorney said he would file suit contesting her demotion in Hardin Circuit Court.

    20 YEARS AGO, of the 108 private buses and other group transportation vehicles that were inspected in the state since the May 14 bus crash, 40 failed. “Some of the buses were in such bad shape that we had to have them ordered to be parked and towed away for repairs,” said Mark McDaniel, spokesman for the state Transportation Cabinet.

  • PREP BASKETBALL OPINION: Irvin made an imprint on the lives of many (08/03)

    RADCLIFF — I have to admit Cameron Irvin was one of my favorite players to watch. He did everything the right way. Irvin was relentless on the defensive end and did the things he was good at on the offensive end.

    Unlike many players in this day and age, Irvin wasn’t a trash talker. He went about his business on the court without uttering as much as a word.

    “Cameron was the ultimate team player,” North Hardin senior James Berry said. “He was the textbook teammate.”

  • 8-20 Local History


    August 20, 2008

    30 YEARS AGO, grades one through 12 in the Hardin County School system reported an attendance of 9,734 for the first day of school.

    20 YEARS AGO, a Hardin County jury convicted Sheila Davis of murdering her husband but rejected the death penalty in favor of a life sentence in prison with no probation or parole for at least 25 years.

    10 YEARS AGO, a bulldozer began clearing land on the 20-acre site that will be home to the $18 million dollar Copperweld Inc. factory, the company is expected to employee 40 people.

  • June 2 Local History


  • 8-6 Local Histories


    August 6, 2008

    30 YEARS AGO, daily water use increased over 700,000 gallons from 1976 through the first six months of 1977 according to water works records. A spring near Gaither Station Road and Freeman Lake supplemented the water supply.

    20 YEARS AGO, local families and their representatives who attended a public hearing focusing on the May 14 bus crash applauded the emphasis on drunken driving but were disappointed with sessions on bus safety.