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  • Festival full of good-hearted fun



    ELIZABETHTOWN – With a breeze in the air, a plethora of vendors descended on Freeman Lake Park this weekend for the 27th Heartland Festival, which debuted some new events, while also seeing the return of the PNC Bank Hot Air Balloon Buck Chase.

  • Plaid-shirted suspect captured


  • Plaid-shirted suspect captured


  • Make that 'Citizen Clown' now

    By JOHN FRIEDLEIN, Stories From the Heartland

    LOUISVILLE — Michael Moats’ journey to citizenship ended Friday with appropriate drama.

    The Elizabethtown man, who was detained and threatened with deportation just three years ago, raised his right hand along with almost 600 immigrants from 91 countries and swore his allegiance to the Untied States in Kentucky’s most diverse naturalization ceremony ever.

  • Canoe races bring experienced and inexperienced together



    ELIZABETHTOWN – As the early morning sun poured out on the shore overlooking Freeman Lake, canoes and kayaks peppered the bank in preparation for one of Saturday morning’s kickoff events at the Heartland Festival.

    Experienced and inexperienced alike grabbed a boat and oar as the canoe and kayak races’ longest event loomed: the one-mile race.

    Some decided to paddle solo while others paired together as teams.

  • Firefighters gear up for wet work



    ELIZABETHTOWN– Water descended upon sections of The Heartland Festival Saturday afternoon at Freeman Lake Park, but it was powered by fire hoses rather than Mother Nature.

    The festival was the staging ground for the first Water Ball tournament, an event that has been dubbed “tug of war with fire hoses.”

    Competitors use the fire hoses to move a ball suspended on a wire in their opponents’ direction, tagging a flag to win the round.

  • CPS reprimand cites previous botched cases



    ELIZABETHTOWN — The Child Protective Services worker who police and prosecutors blame for a flawed investigation into allegations that 6-year-old Mar’riel Lucas was abused, failed to appropriately investigate other cases before Mar’riel’s, information obtained by The News-Enterprise through an open records request shows.

  • Family feud



    ELIZABETHTOWN – Sports rivalries are a direct outlet for a passionate fan.

    The Red Sox and the Yankees; North Carolina and Duke; and the Lakers and the Celtics are just three examples of passion put into competition.

    But for the Crowdus family and many others around the state, only one rivalry mattered Sunday: Kentucky vs. Louisville.

  • Radcliff officer involved in wreck


    RADCLIFF — Around 10:45 p.m. Friday officer Sullivan McCurdy with the Radcliff Police Departmant was responding to a call when he was involved in a wreck on U.S. 31W that tossed his cruiser and left him on the other side of the road.

  • Aug. 13, 2008, editorial: Cross a solid choice

    Jeff Cross sat among friends and others that he had been around for only a few hours, and talked about how the birth of a child completely changes your life.

    At times, his voiced cracked.

    You begin to think in terms of your child ahead of you in virtually all that you do, he said.

    Cross had a professional life-changer this week when he was selected as the new police chief in Radcliff, replacing the retiring Donald Bloodworth. Cross will take over his new duties Sept. 1.