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  • June 19 Property Transfers

    The following property transfers are listed as given on deeds at the Hardin County Clerk’s Office in Elizabethtown.

    TG Development LLC to Tiffany and William O. Root Jr., lot 48 Avery Estates, county, $149,950.

    Kristen Stewart to Charlotte Ballman, 6401 Hardinsburg Road, Cecilia, love and affection. FMV: $20,000.

    James M. and Ingrid Akers to Minnie E. Martin, property in Elizabethtown, love and affection. FMV: $22,000.

    Johnathon Lee and Heather Akers to Minnie E. Martin, property in Elizabethtown, $10,000.

  • June 5, 2009: Our readers write


    Reapportionment headaches

    Last November the voters of Hardin County approved a proposal to return to the previous magisterial form of government. Voters were not satisfied with ‘at large’ representation. They wanted to be represented by someone they knew, who lived near them and who would understand their problems and issues.

  • Trip home stirs flood of memories

    When I left home at 19, I couldn’t wait to leave the city that I believed at suffocated me for years.

    There was nothing to do in Cornwall, Ontario. Life was boring and the great escape was to cross the border into the United States to see what life 15 miles away was like.

    It wasn’t much different.

    Life in Cornwall was as stagnant as the early August air in Kentucky.

    I don’t get back to home much anymore and as the wife says, after about 3 days of visiting family, I’m ready to come home to Elizabethtown.

  • May 31 editorial: Labor-business confrontation

    Employee Free Choice Act. Simply mentioning those words in just about any context automatically brands the user as pro- or anti-labor, anti- or pro-business.

  • June 8, 2009: Our readers write


    Cultural weaponry

    President Obama wants to convince the Muslim world that we do not wish to impose our values on them. I disagree. The U.S. has the most powerful weapons in history but they are useless against an enemy which is ubiquitous and has no fear of death.

  • May 25, 2009: Our readers write

    Honor America and her flag A time for remembering. In honor of Americas war dead. The brave young warriors buried on American and foreign soil who have borne the burden for so many. Honor America and her flag by honoring those who gave their lives for our freedom. Honor the commitment to care. We have the luxury in the U.S. that the great majority benefits from the service of so fe

  • June 26: Our readers write

    Wake up, America

    Hey, hey America, wake up and watch the riots in Iran, we may be the next to overthrow our government. With our government’s irresponsibility, look out. Please stand up and be counted.

    Bill Crutcher


    Stop cap and trade

  • June 11, 2009: Our readers write

    Choosing lifestyles

    This is in reference to the remarks of a writer printed in your paper June 8, advising how to love by ignoring what others may do.

    God is love and seeks to save all from their sin and its consequence. The angels came to Sodom to destroy the city but not before the people were warned of their sin.

  • June 25, 2009: Obituaries

    John Matthew Carden, 20

    Carol Maxine Douglas, 81

    Ronald Howard Lilly

    James William “J.W.” McMillen, 79

    Margie J. Sanders, 80

    John Matthew Carden

    John Matthew Carden, 20, of Irvington, died Saturday, June 20, 2009, in Richmond, Va.

    Survivors include his special friend, Ciera Hobbs; one son, Levi Jackson; and his parents, Tim and Janet Carden.

  • My Kitchen, Your Recipe: Coney Dogs