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  • Aug. 13, 2010: Our readers write

    Treading on sacred ground

    It is a great idea to honor Vietnam veterans by feeding the hungry, however the idea of stacking cans in the shape of a form and calling it a model of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial is not.

  • Aug. 22, 2010, editorial: Minds over mouths

    Before the unofficial kickoff of Kentucky’s political season Aug. 7 at the annual Fancy Farm picnic, organizers told candidates that swearing at the event would not be permitted.

    It seems shocking that in today’s society anyone would need such a Puritanical reminder before attending a church picnic.

    Maybe they were remembering Jack Conway’s use of a mild profanity there last year or Mel Gibson’s telephone call tirades.

    Perhaps they were thinking of flight attendant Steven Slater’s now infamous profanity-laced temper tantrum.

  • Aug. 12, 2010: Our readers write

    Dangerous driving

  • Aug. 20, 2010 editorial: E'town voters will deal with crowd on the ballot

    Voters in the upcoming Elizabethtown city government elections have an abundance of choices. When the filing deadline arrived, five men had declared their candidacy for mayor and the council race attracted 20 candidates for six seats.

    The lists include incumbents and experienced office holders, business and community leaders, some recurring candidates and a few newcomers to the process. The community is blessed to have so many interested individuals with a willingness to serve. Many communities would be envious of this interest in public service.

  • Aug. 8, 2010 Editorial: Record would be nice, but serving our own means more

    Stacking will be done from 8:30 to 11:30 a.m. Monday through Friday and then from 4 to 8 p.m. through Aug. 21.

    For more information about the project — which also is sponsored by the Heartland Chambers Alliance — visit, www.buildawall.org, or search for Building a Wall Against Hunger on Facebook.

    Here are some neat tidbits about the "Building A Wall Against Hunger" food drive that is going on around Hardin County.

  • Aug. 31, 2010: Our readers write

    County did a great and wonderful thing This old soldier and Vietnam veteran would like to offer heartfelt thanks to Rik Hawkins, the cities of Elizabethtown, Vine Grove, West Point, Radcliff and Fort Knox, and to the residents of Hardin County for the exceptional welcome home ceremonies of last week. Many of us returned from our tours in Vietnam only to be greeted with disgust and di

  • Aug. 9, 2010: Our readers write

    Bring home our troops

    America should bring home our brave troops from Afghanistan. The war is unwinnable. History has shown foreign invaders don’t win wars there. We are fighting in Afghanistan under the guise we are fighting terrorism over there so we won’t have to fight terrorism here.

  • Where They're Playing

    Concert may include cost of admission even if not listed.   Sept. 3

    STONE THE CROW will perform at 3-Putt Willie’s, Pine Valley Golf Resort, 850 Pine Valley Drive, E’town, 8 p.m., Sharon Smith, (502) 337-9446.   Sept 4

    FRANKLY SCARLET will perform at Boonedock's, 6645 Flaherty Road, Vine Grove, on the outside stage, (270) 828-8009.

  • Aug. 25, 2010: Our readers write

    Open to all

    A July 29 letter refers to the NAACP — National Association for the Advancement of Colored People — as a “racist group by their title alone.”

    The NAACP was founded on Feb. 12, 1909; a time of, as we all know, incredible cruelty to people of color.

    As a proud, two-decade member (from 1965 to 1985), I know that the NAACP’s doors have always been open to everyone who wished to participate in the struggle for equality and justice as spelled out by our Constitution.

    lucia beeler


  • Aug. 19, 2010, editorial: Welcome to Kentucky, Sprint Cup

    After 12 years of frustration, the NASCAR Sprint Cup series has a date set with Kentucky Speedway. Even more exciting is that the race is on a Saturday night — July 9, 2011. The Nationwide race, a standalone event for years at Kentucky Speedway, is now on the night before the Sprint Cup making it a great weekend for race fans.