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  • Update from the House


    This past week offered some dramatic political theater in both Frankfort and Washington. Politicians who profess to want to rise above fear have declared that, unless they take (or borrow) and spend more of your money, we are doomed to economic “catastrophe.” They see our budgetary glass as half full and draining quickly. They are convinced that only quick action, by the same people who take credit for spending your money so efficiently, can save the day.

  • BOYS' 17TH DISTRICT: Bulldogs get hot early, hold off Central Hardin (02/27)


  • Feb. 3, 2009: Our readers write


    Nurturing self love

    I am writing in response to Eric Parrish’s letter (Jan. 1). I’ve known Eric for a very long time. I’m sure that two old friends could have some long debates if they just had the time. I most definitely think that Eric is right that most people are uninformed. They don’t do their own research and take what is reported on the evening news as gospel.

    So, as for Guantanamo Bay we take what is reported and run with it. So let me throw some more evening news into that debate.

  • What's the deal with kids and jackets?


    At first, I thought it was just us our son who we have had an ongoing ordeal with on what you will read below.

    But nope, apparently the affliction of "I don't wear a jacket" spans many miles, many age groups and crosses from one gender to the next.

    To borrow a Seinfeldism it's a, "What's the deal with kids and wearing a winter jacket these days?"

    I don't get it. When temperatures are in the 20s, it's cold outside. I wear a jacket.

  • Feb. 10 editorial: Unnecessary distraction

    Conscientious citizens have to wonder why, when the state and its residents face economic obstacles as serious as those that are ahead, members of the Kentucky General Assembly meeting in Frankfort are wasting so much time and taxpayer money trying to fix a problem that isn't a problem and certainly doesn't need their meddling.

  • News from the Senate


  • Feb. 15: Our Readers Write

    Paying the same courtesy Would I deny you the right to freedom of speech? Never. My father fought in World War II so he could watch my generation burn the flag he served under. My son left a lucrative job following Sept. 11, fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq so you could wear a T-shirt that demeaned and debated his commander-in-chief. No, I would never deny you the right to freedo

  • Feb. 11 editorial: We should remember history all year

    TOPIC: Black History Month

    OUR VIEW: Celebrate year round

    As we have in February for many years, we are celebrating Black History Month in Hardin County and around the country.

    That a month is designated to celebrate in itself is a sad statement on how we should view history. History shouldn't be limited to a time to reflect or celebrate one month out of 12. Black history, any history, deserves much more attention than one month allows.

  • Feb. 1, 2009: Our readers write

    Obama: Great job

    Betty Dobson’s letter was wrong in so many ways.

    The closure of Guantanamo Bay is overdue.  It was set up in a knee jerk fashion that went against everything we stand for. Its closure will show that Americans are not all talk when it comes to human rights and law.

  • Feb. 19 Editorial: Kentucky Patriots leave their mark

    For Donna Betson, it all started with an idea. In the world we live in, there are people who go through life exisiting and there are those who are difference makers. Donna Betson and the Kentucky Patriots are difference makers. The newly formed organization plans to attend all services at Kentucky Veterans Cemetery-Central in Radcliff. Many times, like the funeral service last week f