• Buying event tickets can be treacherous

    As the PGA Champion-ship approaches Aug. 4 at Valhalla, many local consumers will start looking for tickets. BBB warns consumers of scammers taking advantage of anyone looking for a last-minute deal.

  • In this case, do not follow the light

    Looking at all the classic cars filling downtown Elizabethtown for the annual Cruisin’ the Heartland celebration, many memories are stirred.

  • HMH administrator outlines vision, strategies

    Allow me to take this opportunity to share more about our vision of the future of Hardin Memorial Health.

  • Money-raising tools require your attention

    You can raise money for just about anything nowadays. Using crowdfunding sites, anyone can ask for donations to pay for medical costs, trips and tuition, to name a few. But if you’re looking to give to a worthy cause, how can you be sure these causes are legitimate?

  • Kentucky continues to lack right-to-work law

    Coincidence may indeed be, as Albert Einstein put it, “God’s way of remaining anonymous.”

    But it cannot explain why the overwhelming majority of business-friendly states also offer right-to-work protections for their citizens.  

    It’s not a coincidence that Kentucky remains without such a policy.

  • Giving some thought to the south side of E’town

    How do you get from what is to what could be? Of course, it starts with an idea.

    So here’s my dream for the day: The south end of Elizabethtown could and should be a more vibrant retail and economic corner for the community.

  • Having seen the future, let's embrace it at HMH

    Put this one in the category under seeing is believing.

    After hearing about the customer surveys and feedback that led Hardin Memorial Health to add two floors on its North Tower, I can’t say that I understood.

    What’s the big deal about private rooms? Yeah, that would be nice but is nice the same as need?

  • Sorting out what’s important on the porch out back

    At my house, there’s a back porch.

    Actually, you probably would call it a covered patio. Because I like to think of myself as a Southerner, it’s a porch to me.

    The neat slabs of concrete made from creek rocks have been behind the house since well before we moved in about eight years ago. It’s nothing new but I “discovered” it again last Wednesday night.

    Sometime around 10, the Schnauzer that shares our home wanted to visit the backyard. For some reason, I decided to walk out as well.

  • New roads provide new perspective about our travel

    In the 12 years since my mother’s death, I’ve probably driven by the old home place less than a dozen times.

    For a while, it seemed necessary to avoid that stretch of Ky. 1500 between Vine Grove and Fort Knox. But time eases the pain and warm memories eventually won out over grief and loneliness.

    On Memorial Day, a trip along the route felt appropriate. It also would provide a look at the new access road leading to Bullion Boulevard at Fort Knox.

    So turning off Joe Prather Highway, I headed to see what had changed.

  • Auction discovery possesses rare value

    On a cold Friday night before spring arrived, my sister attended an indoor auction — more for entertainment than acquisition.

    Attending auctions can be fun. A good auctioneer puts on a great show from the melodic chant of the sale to the comedic banter between offerings.