• Dealing with unintended impact of the wrong words

    Paula Deen was in the E!News studio recently, making media rounds to promote the launch of her new subscription-based online channel, the Paula Deen Network. It’s been over a year since her multi-million-dollar culinary empire came tumbling down after her admission that she used a racial slur 30 years ago.

  • Take steps to protect against credit fraud

    When it comes to credit card fraud, you are your own best defense. The Better Business Bureau offers tips on how to protect yourself from credit card fraud:

    • Be cautious about giving anyone your account number.
    • Carry only the cards you expect to use and keep them secure. 
  • The challenge of cleaning up, sorting and throwing away

    Summer’s almost over and fall is fast approaching but at home there’s a spring cleaning frenzy going on.

    We’ve been cleaning out, cleaning up, reorganizing and straightening. I am using “we” in a very general sense here. Most of it has been my wife with a tiny bit of me dealing with my piles.

  • A strong Fort Knox equals a stronger Army

    By U.S. Rep. Brett Guthrie, R-Bowling Green

    The recent developments worldwide are a reminder why our nation needs a strong national defense. Fort Knox is key to our military’s future.

    Unfortunately, this administration has taken actions that reduce our military advantage when we should be doing all that we can to keep our advantage strong.

  • Having seen the future, let's embrace it at HMH

    Put this one in the category under seeing is believing.

    After hearing about the customer surveys and feedback that led Hardin Memorial Health to add two floors on its North Tower, I can’t say that I understood.

    What’s the big deal about private rooms? Yeah, that would be nice but is nice the same as need?

  • What lies ahead for leaders in Washington?

    By Lee H. Hamilton

    Given all the words and images devoted to the midterm elections over the past few weeks, you’d think the results had told us something vital about the future of the country. In reality, they were just a curtain-raiser. It’s the next few weeks and months that really matter.

  • Remove obstacles from holiday travel

    The holiday travel season is upon us. Better Business Bureau has some tips on how to make your holiday travel a little brighter.

    Do Your Research. If you are driving, before you hit the road, find alternative routes in case of traffic delays. Also, travel with GPS.

  • Blessed by a blessing offered for others

    “I don’t think he’s going to make it through the ceremony,” my daughter Madi predicted of her two year old son, Eli. We were standing in the foyer of Ransdell Chapel for Madi’s Pinning Ceremony. She was graduating from Campbellsville University’s School of Nursing.

  • I am mad as ‘he will’ and not going to take it

    It is time to abolish the apostrophe. Who’s with me on this? Join the movement now!

    You know the apostrophe. Right? It’s the tiny symbol that lets me write it’s to mean it is in this sentence.

  • Right-to-life issue impacts local races

    If the Kentucky legislature ever aggressively moves toward right-to-life positions or acts to limit access to abortions, Hardin County can expect to be at the center of the debate.