• School of second chances offers no simple credits

    British author and philosopher C.S. Lewis once observed, “Everyone thinks forgiveness is a lovely idea until he has something to forgive.”

    I thought of Lewis’ statement after the University of Louisville hired Bobby Petrino as their head football coach for the second time. Not being a Cardinal fan, forgiving the coach for his past mistakes was easy for me.

  • Veterans urged to remember this vote
  • High school student shares his outlook on American liberty

    By Vince Whelan, a student at North Hardin High School


    With the end of the Revolutionary War, we Americans consecrated this land as our own, where freedom thrives for the sake of all men.

    During the American Civil War, we challenged the interpretation of this freedom, and sought to make it a more perfect definition.

  • Trust, but definitely verify

    Of all the numbers thrown at us over the course of last year, one stands out for me. I hope we can avoid repeating it this year.

    That number is 12. It’s the percentage of Americans in a December Quinnipiac poll who said they trust the government in Washington to do what is right most or all of the time.

    It’s a depressingly small number — especially compared to the 41 percent who say they “hardly ever” trust the government. This meshes with recent polls that echo a bleak truth: Trust in government is at historically low levels.

  • During election season, ‘likes’ limited to Facebook

    Shake off the Christmas owe and your New Year glow. A new season is upon us.

    It’s election time. With the new year comes an increase in candidate filings for local races. 2014 features a crowded field with all county races, municipal races and most legislative seats on the line.

    The deadline to run in the May primary is Jan. 28 — a little more than three weeks away.

    As the community’s news and information leader, The News-Enterprise will strive to provide detailed coverage during the election season.

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  • Column by Gene Policinski
  • Smells like a new year

    Mention the smells of Christmas and most people have little trouble ticking off their favorites: The perfume of evergreen, the citrusy smell of fruit in the Christmas stockings, cinnamon spice tea brewing, the aroma of gingerbread cookies and pumpkin bread baking.

    So popular are these smells that they’ve been packaged in Christmas aerosol sprays, candles and refresher oils.

    Not so with the New Year. 

  • It's beginning to smell a lot like New Year's
  • Christmas greetings offer perspective for the new year

    New Year’s resolutions can be elusive. Deciding what you want to change about yourself requires more insight and personal examination than most of us are willing to undergo.

    But this year, I just may have found a reservoir of ideas. And they came in the mail.

    Before discarding your collection of Christmas cards, give them another examination. Seriously consider the printed messages. When you truly embrace these greetings from family, friends and associates, you’ll discover a rich supply of new priorities for the new year.