• BBB: Don’t let a scam ruin your vacation plans

    While planning for summer vacation, be careful not to fall victim to travel scams that could result in loss of money or possessions and even identity theft.

    Watch what you are posting on social media. Most people know not to post travel dates on Facebook before they depart, but some still might post pictures of the beach or their hotel room while they are there.

  • 10 tips to help protect Social Security number

    Be on the lookout for scam artists that want to get their hands on your Social Security number and, perhaps, your benefits.

    Social Security scams have been seen plenty of times before, but there are a few new tricks.

  • Put aside excuses to make most of your time

    George Washington Car­ver, the botanist and inventor — who as a black man in the Recon­struction era of 19th century America had reason upon reason for not succeeding — once observed, “Ninety-nine percent of failures come from people who have the habit of making excuses.”

  • Summer brings out magazine solicitation

    You answer the door and it’s someone selling magazine subscriptions.

    The seller may claim that he/she is raising money for a school or charity. The subscription prices seem steep. In fact, they are typically three times the typical price. However, the money goes to a good cause, so you purchase one anyway.

  • Work-at-home offers may work you over

    If you are searching for a work-at-home job, beware. Con artists advertise work-at-home “opportunities” in help wanted ads on internet job sites like Monster.com, Career Builder, Yahoo and Hot Jobs.

    The ads claim to be looking for an “import/export specialist.” The job requires receiving packages and mailing them to a foreign address.

  • Don’t be trapped by student loan scam

    Fast and easy forgiveness of your student loans! Sound too good to be true? That’s because it is.

    Watch out for scams that entice student loan holders by promising to erase their debt.

    Student loans can be forgiven only under specific circumstances and it’s not fast nor easy. These scammers will take your fee and disappear.

  • She knows how you feel but Mom needs to hear ‘I love you’

    Archie Bunker, the proverbial “lovable bigot” of “All in the Family” fame, wasn’t very good at telling his wife, Edith, he loved her.

    In one episode, Edith pauses, furors her brow like she’s really thinking and asks, “Archie, do you love me?”

  • Trying to help Nepal? Don’t fall for scams

    The Better Business Bureau’s Wise Giving Alliance is warning donors to avoid being taken advantage of by scammers who want to make money off of the Nepal earthquake tragedy. Before you donate, go to give.org to learn more about the charity.

  • Mayor outlines concerns about tourism operation

    I appreciate this opportunity to respond to the recent fury over my questioning the Radcliff/Fort Knox Tourism Commission’s refusal to provide $25,000 to offset the expenses of a full-time city events coordinator.

  • Prayer speaks to the heart and so does Ricky Skaggs

    “Preacher,” a church member said to me one Sunday, “I was driving in front of the church this morning, and I saw you standing by yourself up there at the top of the front steps. I knew what you were doing; I knew you were praying. And I just want you to know it made me feel better.”