• Heartland Festival's death contains reminder for us all

    The Heartland Festival is dead at age 32. Long live our memories of it.

    Once listed among Kentucky’s top 10 summer attractions, the festival has been on life support for some time.

    If you have attended in recent years, it may be hard to remember just how central it became to the local summer experience.

  • LIFT: State Retail Federation says vote no

    The state Senate is poised to consider a new tax that reportedly will put a half a billion dollars in the coffers of county and city governments across this commonwealth.

  • LIFT: Kentucky Chamber says vote yes

    The global competition for talent is fierce. The Kentucky Chamber of Commerce is committed to improving the Commonwealth to attract top talent. One way to do that is to give local communities tools to invest for their future opportunities and growth.

  • Grab a shovel and cut a path toward freedom

    With each slash of the snow shovel, I freed up one more inch of space, making room for my garage door to open so I could determine if I could drive out.

    In less time than I thought it would take, (and more back pain than I anticipated) I was ready to put the car in reverse and attempt a test run down my driveway.

  • KCTCS offers affordable education options now

    While lawmakers, higher education leaders and political pundits debate the feasibility of America’s College Promise — President Obama’s proposal for tuition-free community college — somewhere in Kentucky a graduating senior or a working adult wonder whether they can afford to go to college.

  • Personal experience dealing with measles

    In recent weeks, news stories about measles outbreaks and immunizations have spread like ... well, like the measles.

    Measles — and a similar ailment known as rubella or more commonly as three-day or German measles — were quite common a half-century ago. Most kids contracted it. In fact, it was considered to be a common childhood disease.

  • Civilization depends upon our resolve and convictions

    Righteousness, as defined in the Webster’s Dictionary, is acting in a just, upright and virtuous manner. It means being morally right. The belief that there are moral absolutes to guide human behavior has become an anathema to many in western civilized nations.

  • Try a bit more Valentine’s in your Lent and vice versa

    Valentine’s Day precedes Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent by only four days this year. What a contrast in these two days.

    Valentine’s Day is a time when many couples celebrate their love with cards, flowers and gifts — often in some form of chocolate. (If you eat equal amounts of white chocolate and dark chocolate, is that a balanced diet?)

  • Kentucky hero speaks up for smoke-free bill

    As a veteran, I fought to protect the personal liberties of all Americans. Personal freedom is one of our most treasured values.

    One of the most vital freedoms is the freedom to breathe clean air. When you can’t breathe, nothing else matters.

  • What to do when your email is hacked

    as your email account been hacked? Individual accounts are hijacked by scammers all of the time, sending spam to victims’ contact lists.

    How can you tell if you have been hacked?

    Often, you will hear from people you know who have received an unlikely message with your name on it.