• Army Reserve provides vital and affordable role

    The recent visit by the National Commission on the Future of the Army presented an opportunity for community leaders to highlight Kentucky’s well-known patriotism and support of its soldiers. As NCFA commissioners visited our largest installations, Fort Knox and Fort Campbell, they met with both active and reserve component soldiers.

  • Data thieves target travelers using Wi-Fi

    When you travel, be careful about how you connect to the Internet.

    Wi-Fi is available almost everywhere these days, but that doesn’t mean it’s safe to connect.

  • Letting go of a dog that's become more than a pet

    Mom’s voice cracked, then it went silent. I looked again at my cell phone to make sure I’d called the right number.

    “Mom? Is this you?”

    The next voice I heard was that of my older brother, Mark, speaking for Mom because she couldn’t.

  • When car shopping, think about flooding

    With much of the nation recently plagued by storms and flooding, it can impact car buyers across the country. Con artists are taking vehicles damaged by floods in these areas, cleaning them up and then transporting them out of state for sale.

    Don’t get caught up in these scams. The Better Business Bureau has some helpful tips for consumers looking to buy a used car.

  • That ringing in your ears might be a call to forgive

    I couldn’t understand what my 2-year-old grandson, Eli, was saying. We were at our church’s playground, and as I was pushing him on the swing, he was asking me something I couldn’t quite make out.

    Finally, I got it.

  • BBB: Credit repair industry includes shady ideas

    Your credit score is an essential part of making purchases. From buying a house to leasing a car and even when trying to get a new job, your credit score matters.

    Scammers know this and prey on people who are desperate to improve their scores. The Better Business Bureau receives numerous reports from consumers targeted by credit repair scams.

  • What good can an Alzheimer's license plate do?

    ozens of specialty license plates are available in Kentucky and many of them raise both awareness and money for causes close to our hearts.

    I’m asking you to support a license plate that will help end Alzheimer’s disease.

  • Before vacation, follow these credit card tips

    It’s summer vacation season. But before you go anywhere, make sure you inform your credit card company of your travel plans.

    If an account is being used in an unfamiliar spending pattern, including being used in a different state or country and charges that are not the normal spending amount, many companies will lock the account in an effort to reduce credit card fraud.

  • Policy change reflects a change in law

    Something new appears in today’s edition.

    Some of you surely will cheer or applaud this addition — although its inclusion deserves no particular measure of praise.

    Some of you surely will groan, hiss or otherwise express outrage — although its inclusion likely comes as no surprise.

  • Encounter with an angel or curious coincidence?

    The bumper sticker had only one word on it: “Loving-kindness.”

    And as soon as I read it, I suspected someone was trying to mess with my mind, for I was in no mood for such a one word aphorism as “loving-kindness,” my patience having been tested by the distracted waitress who forgot to turn in half of my lunch order.