• Reflecting on the impact of 81 Christmases

    Christmas started off for me in the Depression era: A red fire chief truck and toy soldiers.

    Years later after high school, a letter from the local draft board in Ashland arrived and I was a real soldier.

    I was 21, sent to Korea in an infantry unit working in ordnance.

  • Making the holidays enjoyable when a loved one has Alzheimer’s

    With all their potential for joyous reunions with beloved family members and friends, the holidays also can generate a great deal of angst at the prospect of visiting a loved one diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or another memory disorder. The upcoming visit may lead to several questions:

    How should I respond when Aunt Mary tells the same story over and over, or when she forgets who I am?

    How can I help Dad deal with his anger and frustration over Mom’s behavior?

  • Cherishing the moments and mementos of Christmas

    As a child growing up in Summit, age 4 or 5, I remember walking a short distance with my mother to visit my Aunt Belle on Christmas Eve night and a miracle happened. When we returned home, Santa had been there with toys, fruit, orange slice candy and a big peppermint  stick.

  • Keeping alive the story of one D-Day survivor

    This December weekend is becoming a second Veterans Day here in Hardin County.

    It started four years ago with the Wreaths Across America observance at the Kentucky Veterans Cemetery-Central in Radcliff. This year, more than 2,500 grave sites received a wreath of honor.

    Later on Saturday, the second official ceremony at the new Hardin County Veterans Tribute honored all branches of service by placing commemorative wreaths at the monument’s statues.

  • 'Fiscal cliff' issues could rock local schools

    Much has been made about the fiscal cliff that is threatening our nation’s financial security. We all should be alarmed about the possible outcomes should we “fall” off the cliff. Our pocket books, our homes and our businesses will be drastically affected.

  • 12 days to a merry, free-market Christmas

    On the day I’m writing this, there are exactly 12 days until old St. Nick reveals his decision about which Kentucky legislators and judges have been naughty and which are nice.

    So I decided to try some good old-fashioned political caroling to express my wishes – and those of a growing number of Kentuckians – for a more prosperous and competitive commonwealth in the days to come.

    All who have “less government and more freedom” on your Christmas wish list, sing with me – don’t be shy:

  • Escaping from the dark side of Christmas

    he Christmas holidays for most people are filled with the joy and excitement of presents, Christmas trees, meals, family and friends.

    But for some, the holidays can be a sad and depressing time filled with broken relationships, loneliness and pain. Hearing other people talk about the joy of the season does not go over well with those facing shattered dreams which have overshadowed life and stolen joy.

  • Christmas is Christmas because of the ones you love

    In our house, Christmas meant so many different things: Giving, faith, fun and especially family. We always understood that no matter what, nothing was more important than all these things.

    We often look back at all our moments and, man, do we laugh at the fun we all shared in the Holmes household. When you raise six kids, believe me, things can get a little crazy during the holidays.

  • Remembering stores, people and reason for the season

    As I think about memories of Christmas time, I can’t help going back to early childhood days in Elizabethtown. Christmas Day was an all-day event with family time, including dinner, sharing of gifts and storytelling.

  • Recipe lost to time but memories remain as sweet as ever

    Like most children who grew up small Kentucky towns, my earliest holiday memories are of family, presents and lots of good food. My mother and both grandmothers were great cooks and meals around the big dining room table were part of our family’s holiday tradition.

    But, in particular, there was something special about the fruit salad.