• Tips to reduce stress of finding a home loan

    With interest rates at historic lows and home prices not back to pre-recession values, Many people are looking at buying their first home, buying bigger homes or refinancing mortgages.

  • The issue is free speech and respect, not chicken

    Who would have thought buying a chicken sandwich with a pickle on it could become a political statement?

    Two weeks ago, the political donations and faith-based beliefs of the 91-year-old founder of Chick-fil-A were of little concern. In the past week, it has dominated social media and newspaper front pages and altered the dining habits of thousands ... at least for a day.

    I have to admit I know absolutely nothing about the political posture of Zaxby’s ownership. I do know I love their chicken fingers.

  • Budget cuts hollow out court system

    As chief justice, I find it disheartening that I can no longer assure you that the courts in Kentucky will be open when you need them.

    For the first time in modern history, we will have to close every courthouse in the state to balance the Judicial Branch budget. For three days in 2012, we must furlough all court personnel and close all doors because the General Assembly has not allotted enough money to fund court operations at current levels.

  • Steps for processing stress

    I was working my way through a row of tomatoes, picking what I could while pulling weeds at the same time.

    Lori was shoulder high in okra, quickly filling one bucket and exchanging it for an empty one.

    Tossing weeds to the side, emptying another bucket of tomatoes, eyeing the rows of ripe peppers, I said to Lori, “I’m overwhelmed. I’ve gotten behind and I don’t see how we can catch up.”

  • BBB’s tips on giving online education programs the third degree before signing up

    Better Business Bureau is warning prospective students to be wary of certain online schools and education opportunities.

    According to the 2010 Sloan Survey of Online Learning, with nearly 6.5 million people involved in some form of online learning, it is more important than ever to take precautions to ensure time, energy and money aren’t wasted.

    The popularity of distance degrees and similar programs has led to more diploma mills, unaccredited universities, and shady institutions that take advantage of unassuming students.

  • Opening the blinds on pension secrecy

    Kentucky’s pension debt, which stands at nearly $34 billion today, is expected to reach $40 billion by 2015.

    How different would our situation be today if former Gov. Wendell Ford had not decided in 1972 that taxpayers don’t have a right to know who receives their hard-earned dollars in the form of pensions, or even how many pensions some state retirees get?

  • Counting on crop insurance

    The drought of 2012 couldn’t have come at a worse time. Sure, no one wants to experience a drought, but this drought hit with near record-low carryover stocks for grains, already the smallest cattle supply since the 1950s, and an extremely high number of corn acres planted across the country. So what will save the grain sector of the agriculture industry from complete failure this year? Crop insurance.

  • The unanswered question in Aurora's theater No. 9


    It’s the first question I asked and likely the one you first asked too.

    It still echoes from theater No. 9 in the Century 16 Theatre in Aurora, Colo., where 12 people were killed and 58 injured.

    And it’s the one question we never completely will know.

  • Hall-of-Fame lives begin with youthful opportunities

    On consecutive weekends, Elizabethtown has played host to major events that celebrate youthful athletic accomplishments.

    First, the celebration of yesteryear’s achievements featured some premiere basketball players. The Kentucky High School Basketball Hall of Fame conducted its first induction ceremony for 16 of its 100-member centennial class before a packed house at the Historic State Theater.

  • Financial aid schemes target students looking for help

    The Better Business Bureau warns students and parents to be cautious when looking for cash to pay for college.

    With the cost of college outpacing inflation and crimping family budgets, students and their families are eager to find scholarships and other awards to help pay for a higher education.