• You're holding a valuable teaching tool right now

    As editor, you would expect me to promote the value of newspapers. But consider this perspective from childhood.
    While a third grader at Vine Grove Elementary School, part of most Wednesdays involved exploring the previous Monday’s editions of The Courier-Journal and the Chicago Tribune. More than four decades later, I don’t remember many specific stories or headlines but I do remember some of the principles and lessons taught through the living textbook of a newspaper page.

  • Remembering abrupt end of one family's trip

    Barren blacktop stretched to the horizon. A dozen steps later, flashing lights of an emergency vehicle were the first signs of the tragic scene on Interstate 65.

    The injured had long since been dispatched by emergency helicopters. Highway crews that provided lighting for first responders sat uneasily idle. Firefighters milled about while gray-clad state troopers took measurements and jotted down notes. Plastic tarps stretched across the crossover barriers to shield southbound traffic from some of the gruesome sites.

  • Education inspires success

    By Michael McCall, KCTCS

  • Reaching back 99 years for a middle name

    The reason pregnancy lasts nine months is to give the parents time to settle on a name.
    I know there are biological and developmental reasons for the timetable. But the social pressure and uncertainty of selecting a name for your offspring is considerable.
    Our daughter Jessica presented her parents with grandchild No. 4 last week. Along the way to delivery, she and her husband analyzed, considered and debated a few dozen names. Because of modern technology, the child’s gender was known well in advance.

  • Fiscal Court begins new path this week

    When Hardin Fiscal Court conducts its first meeting of 2011, something unseen in almost two decades will occur. A woman will be seated among county government’s elected decision makers.

    As the county welcomes back the magistrate form of government, the voters of District 3 selected Lisa Williams to represent their interests for the next four years.

  • Happiness is being a grandparent

    Helen Underwood was right.
    So were Mary Alice Holt, Judy Martin and Janice Lunsford. They all knew what they were talking about when it comes to the love that blossoms within you when you become a grandparent.
    You have a love for your parents and your spouse, and you don’t think it can get any better. Then life moves on and you have your own children, and your love for someone else hits overdrive.

  • My multitudinous life

    Walt Whitman wrote: “I am large. I contain multitudes.”
    He could have been referring to my purse.
    It’s huge. And it’s bulky.
    And, after being drug on the sidewalk by my then 2-year-old daughter who complained, “Mommy, too heavy!” it has a hole worn in the front pocket.
    I once found a zucchini in it. I was looking for a toothbrush. It was hiding under a diaper and a tattered copy of Strunk and White’s “The Elements of Style.”

  • Heroes fill (and fulfill) dreams of children

    All kids — or at least all boys — have people they admire and want to emulate. For me, childhood heroes included the Lone Ranger, George Washington Carver, Johnny Unitas and my father. Oh, yeah, add Superman to that list.

    I don’t wear a mask or own any silver bullets, have not discovered a marketable use for peanuts, can’t throw a deep post pattern and never adequately will fill Dad’s shoes. And you wouldn’t want to see me flying over the town wearing tights.

  • Two-year walk together moves chambers toward consolidation

     By the Heartland
    Chamber Alliance
    Special to The News-Enterprise

    For nearly two years, representatives of four local chambers of commerce have been meeting to find ways in which we can work together to advance our communities. The highly successful Vietnam Veterans Welcome Home celebration is an example of the power of that collaboration.

  • Vision of a unified chamber

    Here is the vision and mission of the proposed Hardin County Chamber of Commerce:

    The Hardin County Chamber of Commerce cultivates and maximizes all resources, serving as a dynamic and effective advocate for the businesses and communities of the region.