• Online giveaways may not be valid

    Pizza Hut is one of the latest businesses to be the victim of a fake email giveaway.

    Consumers across the country are receiving emails that appear to be from the restaurant chain, claiming it is celebrating its 55th anniversary by offering customers a “free” pizza. All you need to do is download the attached coupon and bring it into the restaurant.

  • Blessed by a blessing offered for others

    “I don’t think he’s going to make it through the ceremony,” my daughter Madi predicted of her two year old son, Eli. We were standing in the foyer of Ransdell Chapel for Madi’s Pinning Ceremony. She was graduating from Campbellsville University’s School of Nursing.

  • BBB: Be alert for scams

    Scammers and schemers are out in force over the holidays. Whether it’s on the Internet, at the store or at your very own front door, BBB warns to watch out for these holiday scams.

  • Simple but life-changing way to get ready for Christmas

    The Bluegrass country around Lexington, not far from where I live in Lebanon, is home to some of the finest racehorses. It’s exciting to watch the horses bolt from the starting gate, and the sound of their hooves thunders across the track.

  • I am mad as ‘he will’ and not going to take it

    It is time to abolish the apostrophe. Who’s with me on this? Join the movement now!

    You know the apostrophe. Right? It’s the tiny symbol that lets me write it’s to mean it is in this sentence.

  • Remove obstacles from holiday travel

    The holiday travel season is upon us. Better Business Bureau has some tips on how to make your holiday travel a little brighter.

    Do Your Research. If you are driving, before you hit the road, find alternative routes in case of traffic delays. Also, travel with GPS.

  • Right-to-life issue impacts local races

    If the Kentucky legislature ever aggressively moves toward right-to-life positions or acts to limit access to abortions, Hardin County can expect to be at the center of the debate.

  • What lies ahead for leaders in Washington?

    By Lee H. Hamilton

    Given all the words and images devoted to the midterm elections over the past few weeks, you’d think the results had told us something vital about the future of the country. In reality, they were just a curtain-raiser. It’s the next few weeks and months that really matter.

  • Try a child's prayer this Thanksgiving

    With a holiday focused on thankfulness this week, thoughts of faith and family leap to mind.

    To be perfectly honest, my faith is not what it could be, not what it should be and even not what it once was. The issues are not doubts or concerns about biblical teachings, but the result of wrestling with personal shortcomings and failings that get in the way.

  • Set and stick with a holiday budget

    With the joy of the holidays comes the stress of over spending. Every year, many consumers overspend during the holidays, starting off the New Year in debt.

    Not to worry: You can make this year debt free by creating a holiday budget and sticking to it.