If it truly is better to give than receive, then Hardin County has an abundance of opportunities to give your time during the Christ­mas season.

There’s something about volunteering to help others — mostly strangers — that brings with it a sense of fulfillment.

It may be as simple as standing outside of a business ringing a bell for a few hours for the Salvation Army to collect money as part of the Red Kettle campaign that goes on in cities across the country.

Money dropped in the bright red kettles or by contributing through electronic kettles set up for Apple Pay and Google Pay will benefit more than 700 local children and 300 families with food, clothes and toys.

The money also will aid more than 1,200 families with utility, rental, prescription, food, clothing and transportation assistance. Also, the nearly $70,000 brought in allowed more than 50 children to attend weekly summer camps which provide learning opportunities and nutrition stability during the summer months.

Or how about helping out at Warm Blessings in one of many ways, or at Helping Hand that always can need a few volunteers to help children in need.

Or maybe you would like to spend some time at Feeding America, Kentucky’s Heartland organizing food for the BackPack program to give children much-needed assistance over weekends and holiday breaks.

The opportunities to volunteer or merely to be there for someone are endless in Hardin County throughout the year. It’s especially critical this time of year when everyone’s time seems to be stretched and the demand for additional help is needed more than ever.

It is well-established Hardin County is a giving community year-round. During Christmas, the need grows as does the desire to help one another and the less fortunate.

But volunteering may not be what you want to do. The community always steps up to help children who may have a Christmas void of presents by placing first names on Christmas trees at churches or Towne Mall.

The need in Hardin County is ongoing and so is the compassion for others in our county.

You can give of your time or money – or maybe both – and take with you an experience of a lifetime and a sense of accomplishment when you help others that is hard to beat.

This editorial represents a consensus of The News-Enterprise’s editorial board.

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