• ‘Never a bad word’

    ISSUE: The legislative career of Rep. Dwight Butler
    OUR VIEW: Service is marked by integrity, consistency and honor

  • Praising legacy of Jimmie Lee

    ISSUE: Jimmie Lee’s legislative term is ending

    OUR VIEW: His service touched countless others

    Jimmie Lee’s legislative career spanned more than two decades and amassed multiple awards for service to his community and his fellow man.

  • Offering thanks to public servant

    ISSUE: Retirement of Sheriff Charlie Williams
    Hardin County owes a debt of gratitude

    Over the past several weeks, the respectable occupation of law enforcement has been shown very little by some across the country.

  • Jobs make season bright

    ISSUE: Hardin County unemployment rate
    October snapshot is encouraging

    The latest statistics released by Kentucky’s Education and Workforce Cabinet reflect very good news for Hardin County and Kentucky.

  • It's never too late to give of yourself

    TOPIC: Take advantage of the opportunity to give
    OUR VIEW: Plenty of areas to help within Hardin County

    Never is the timing more clear for the old adage, "It's better to give than to receive'' then right now as we inch closer to Christmas.

  • Council vote is about 'why,' not Y

    ISSUE: Zoning change rejected for housing project
    OUR VIEW: It’s not about the YMCA

    The Elizabethtown City Coun­cil recently rejected a zoning change for property at the corner of Pear Orchard Road and Ring Road. Owned by Tim Aulbach, the land is prime real estate within the city limits.

  • Leaving the office for the classroom

    Many careers begin with a passion. That’s true in the field of education.

    Passion for learning and a desire to share fuels the best teachers to greatness. As with other professions, the best of the best get noticed and sometimes find themselves with career opportunities that take them far away from that original passion.

  • Helping others in various ways

    KUDOS: Praising positives in our community

    The recent selling of the first bottle of Boundary Oaks Distillery bourbon became a financial windfall for a charitable organization with a large wingspan of helping others around the county.

    Thanks to an anonymous bidder, Helping Hand of Hope will reap the generosity and receive $28,050 from the auction.

  • What would Gen. Patton do?

    ISSUE: Eliminating museum’s entrance off U.S. 31W
    OUR VIEW: Inconvenience is related to our times

  • Basketball Hall moves forward

    ISSUE: High School Basketball Hall of Fame
    OUR VIEW: Elizabethtown reacts to progress

    Elizabethtown city government is moving toward initiating its commitment to the Kentucky High School Basketball Hall of Fame as the organization continues to make fundraising progress.