• Partnership improves care

    ISSUE: HMH affliated with Markey Cancer Center
    OUR VIEW: Agreement is a win-win for all

    Hardin Memorial Health’s Cancer Care Center recently became the 11th affiliate in the University of Kentucky Markey Cancer Center’s network.

  • Obama must lead the way

    ISSUE: President’s war strategy against ISIS
    OUR VIEW: Heavy with risks, this plan must work

  • Which day is the last day?

    ISSUE: Two tragedies with one message
    OUR VIEW: Make the most of everyday

    A common thread exists between all first responders. It is a bond built by regularly encountering high risk.

  • Always remember

    ISSUE: The impact of 9/11 reasonates
    OUR VIEW: Unfortunately, terror is alive and well

    It has been 13 years since our nation awakened to a morning of unanticipated horror and disbelief.

  • Shake on it

    ISSUE: Republicans offer Handshake with Kentucky

    OUR VIEW: Voters will determine if it has a chance

    In 1994, the Contract with America galvanized conservatives and excited many voters. It was a pledge by Congressional Republicans that clearly outlined 10 topics of concern that would be addressed if a GOP majority was elected.

  • Great start, good scores

    DON'T MISS THE BUS. The annual Don’t Miss the Bus school supply collection drive proved to be another success for local students.

    As part of its early July kick-off, Bluegrass Cellular placed collection bins at targeted locations across the community.

  • Meijer matter resolved with time

    TOPIC: Meijer is coming to Elizabethtown
    OUR VIEW: Addition will bring jobs, options to market

    There are no losers in last week’s decision for Meijer to locate in Elizabethtown along Ring Road.

  • BackPack Program only a temporary solution

    TOPIC: Feeding America, Kentucky's Heartland BackPack Program
    OUR VIEW: Great initiative that needs lasting solution

    This much we know: There always will be children going home from school on a Friday without knowing if they will have enough food to carry them over until the next Monday.

  • Keep safety workers safe at wreck scenes

    ISSUE: Shutting down roads to work wrecks
    OUR VIEW: Patience for drivers, not policymakers

    The unfortunate loss of Glendale firefighter Jonathan French has sparked a debate over road closure policies at the scene of highway crashes.

  • Local schools launch lives of distinction

    ISSUE: HCS and EIS honor distinguished graduates
    OUR VIEW: Local schools provide foundation for success