• Building on a solid foundation

    ISSUE: Next leader of Helping Hand of Hope
    OUR VIEW: Capable, qualified candidate emerges

  • One giant step toward New York

    ISSUE: Credit Union’s $10,000 gift to Trojan Band
    : Lots of work left to reach Macy’s Parade

    Being invited to participate in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is a massive honor. Getting the band there is a massive challenge.

  • Reducing costs and offering aid

    ISSUE: Community Labor Program introduced
    OUR VIEW: A solution that serves community

    When county government saves money, everyone wins and when that money-saving effort also produces a benefit, it’s that much better.

  • Handling move with all respect

    ISSUE: Relocation of abandoned cemetery
    OUR VIEW: Delicate decision to move graves

    Time marches forward. And with it, progress and development as well. What once was present is replaced by something new, but only for a period of time. What we see today is likewise to be one day replaced in this ongoing cycle.

  • Groups making a true impact

    KUDOS: Praising positives in our community

    Lincoln Trail Elementary School recently celebrated its partnership with Project Fit America. Thanks to support of the Hardin Memorial Foundation, students at the school on the east side of Elizabethtown are able to enjoy new ways toward wellness.

  • Blazing trails for 4 decades

    ISSUE: Greenspace celebrates 40 years
    OUR VIEW: Organization enhances quality of life

    Before the U.S. 31W Bypass and before the construction of Ring Road, before the Pritchard Community Center and before Towne Mall, a group of local residents had a goal.

  • Building blocks of our future

    ISSUE: Innovation Network’s 100 Ideas of N.O.W.
    OUR VIEW: Opportunities matter to entire community

    Progress requires innovation. Business thrives upon it. And our community will grow with the development of healthy businesses.

  • Honoring soldiers from Vietnam era

    ISSUE: Commemoration of the Vietnam War
    Salute to service never goes out of style


    ISSUE: Polls are open from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. today
    OUR VIEW: Your opportunity has arrived

    Today is an important day. As a registered voter, Election Day is the opportunity to exercise your right and obligation of making your voice heard regarding whom you wish to best represent your views and desires on multiple levels of government.

  • Retiring from one role today

    TOPIC: Dr. Bill Lee leaves his dental practice
    OUR VIEW: County coroner has much yet to offer

    Everybody has those days in their lives that they will remember forever .