• One man's trash is another's evidence

    ISSUE: Burglary arrest based on DNA evidence
    OUR VIEW: Police investigators are on the ball

    Two soft drink containers helped Kentucky State Police solve five break-ins and led to one felony arrest.

    The details sound like a detective novel or TV crime drama but in this case, it's real-life exceptional police work.

  • Panthers, Lady Bruins excel on the diamond

    TOPIC: EHS baseball, Central softball success
    OUR VIEW: Tradition-rich programs earn titles

    For high school seniors, graduations have finished and they’ve walked the line, taken their diplomas and are ready to begin a new chapter of their lives.

  • Perspective on dispatch costs

    ISSUE: Increase in police dispatching fee
    OUR VIEW: Consider rate from all perspectives

    A 225 percent rate increase for a vital service can be overwhelming. Nobody embraces that kind of news — even if the rate increase is divided over two years.

  • New canoe dock overcomes limits

    ISSUE: All-access dock at Freeman Lake Park
    OUR VIEW: A meaningful addition to community

    Having an opportunity to make a positive impact on a person’s life can be very gratifying. Helping others through difficult times can be enriching spiritually and emotionally.

  • The golden girl of local track

    TOPIC: North Hardin's champion Kianna Gray
    OUR VIEW: The best that's ever been on track

    When the final race of her spectacular high school career had ended, North Hardin High School senior Kianna Gray found herself where she has been so many times: Crossing the finish line ahead of the rest of her competition.

  • Note to graduates: Life will be tough

    TOPIC: High school graduations
    OUR VIEW: Find ways over life's many hurdles

    Every year, this newspaper writes an editorial either congratulating or challenging the hundreds of area high school graduates who have received or will receive their diplomas. Many times, it’s both.

  • Outstanding kids in community

    KUDOS: Praising positives in our community

    SIX FROM A SINGLE SCHOOL. Congratulations to six truly outstanding Central Hardin High School seniors.

    They are recipients of prestigious U.S. Army Reserve Officers Training Corps college scholarships that cover full tuition, room and board, and provide a stipend for books.

  • Use extra care during festival

    ISSUE: More motorcycles on local roads this week

    OUR VIEW: Be vigilant during BBQ, Blues and Bikes 

  • If it's not too much trouble, vote today

    ISSUE: Predicted low turnout for primary election
    OUR VIEW: Kentuckians should be embarrassed

    What if you held an election and no one showed?

    Unless trends change, Ken­tucky may one day find out.

  • Good choices, sad outcome

    ISSUE: Officer-involved shooting of armed attacker
    OUR VIEW: Appropriate decisions all around