• Leadership shutdown

    ISSUE: Federal government shuttered
    OUR VIEW: Demand leadership and governance

    As the government shutdown reaches Day 11 with a federal debt crisis looming next week, many Americans are frustrated, angry and even embarrassed about the impasse.

    Here’s another view to consider: We deserve the incompetent government we have.

  • Drafting new rules for wastewater

    ISSUE: Extension of wastewater treatment
    OUR VIEW: Establishing reasonable rules

    Treated public water now flows along rights of way on more than 90 percent of roads in Hardin County. This vital commodity is at the doorstep of most every local resident.

    Extending waterlines throughout Hardin County has been a boon to development. Residential subdivisions have been built in rural corners of our community that otherwise would be unlikely if not impossible.

  • Prep golf success nothing new to area

    TOPIC: High school golf success
    Area golfers shine when the pressure is on

    When it comes to the game of high school golf in Hardin County and the surrounding area, success has been par for the course for many years.

  • Synergy for dessert and other kudos

    ISSUE: Special community accomplishments
    OUR VIEW: Praise begins at dinner table

    A recent dinner offered a full plate of very good things, including the food.

    About 100 diners attended the state Department of Agriculture’s fourth Kentucky Proud Farm-to-Table at Tony York’s on Main in Glendale.

    The event is designed to showcase Kentucky products, a goal it accomplished in a tasty fashion. The fourth such effort in the state, the Hardin County event was the most successful so far.

  • Time to reassess downtown direction

    ISSUE: Future of downtown Elizabethtown
    OUR VIEW: Awaiting a vision and a plan

    With the recent resignation of Heath Seymour as executive director of the Heritage Council, perhaps it is time to consider what the taxpayers’return on investment has been with regard to downtown development.

  • Realigning money to realign roads

    ISSUE: Relocation of Cardinal Drive
    OUR VIEW: A sensible and thrifty plan

    As work continues on Patriot Parkway, a new connector road between Elizabethtown and Radcliff, state Transportation Cabinet officials find the project coming in under budget and plan to apply that surplus toward another important adjacent road need.

  • Taxpayers deserve results

    ISSUE: E’town sends councilmen to Japan
    Money is better spent at home

    The city of Elizabethtown has allocated about $7,500 in travel expenses for three city councilmen to visit sister city Koori Machi, Japan.

    While this far-away city of 15,000 has been a friend to Elizabethtown for more than 20 years, it is unclear what return on investment Elizabethtown taxpayers might expect.

  • Figuring out what GDP numbers say

    ISSUE: Gains in national GDP ranking
    OUR VIEW: Assessment would benefit from benchmark

    Recent economic statistics consistently have shown Hardin and surrounding counties are on the grow. In one of the latest reports, the three-county Metropolitan Statistical Area has shown continued improvement in rankings based on gross domestic product.

  • Good efforts deserve a round of applause

    ISSUE: Kudos here and there

    OUR VIEW: Positives around the county

    Four students at T.K. Stone Middle School deserve extra credit for going above and beyond for an opportunity in their environmental issues class.

    Hannah Butler, Riley Eriksen, Rachel Goff and Rhianna Clemons worked on an awareness project about the risks of idle engines, leading the cause to improve air quality.

  • Making an impact, not just a goal

    The Issue: United Way campaign

    Our View: Issue focus engages community