• Crime and punishment

    ISSUE: Terminated for confronting shoplifter
    Only one bad guy in this situation

    What appeared at face value to be cause for praising an employee’s actions has resulted in disdain from many in response to the action Lowe’s home improvement store took in terminating one of its own.

  • Domestic abuse comes in many ways

    ISSUE: Domestic Violence Awareness Month
    OUR VIEW: Never be afraid to speak up

    Maybe it was being struck or talked so poorly to that you felt like your life was made to seem meaningless.

    Maybe it was just the way your every move was being controlled or monitored.

    There are many characteristics of an abusive relationship. And while October is observed each year as Domestic Violence Awareness Month, the problem has no timeframe, the victims often no escape route.

  • All shook up and handshakes

    ISSUE: KHSAA directive on post-game handshakes

    OrUR VIEW: Shake on

  • USA Cares creates a national legacy

    ISSUE: 10 years of USA Cares
    A vital service to military families

  • Impact of ECTC

    ISSUE: College success stories
    OUR VIEW: Value is obvious

    Since its founding in 1964, Elizabethtown Community College and now Elizabethtown Community and Technical College, has provided access to higher education for thousands of people across its 12-county service area.

    The ECTC campus and its mission have expanded over the years as has its impact and influence. Many of this area’s leaders can trace their path to success back to the community college.

  • Local teachers earn statewide recognition

    ISSUE: Ashland Teacher Achievement Awards

    OUR VIEW: Area honored by recipients

    The Central Kentucky education community has reason to be proud of its teachers yet again. The Kentucky Department of Education and Ashland Inc. recently named 24 teachers recipients of 2014 Ashland Inc. Teacher Achievement Awards. Two of the 24 honorees teach in local schools.

  • Ron Bevars leaves more than victories

    ISSUE: Ron Bevars steps down at North Hardin
    More than an outstanding basketball coach

  • Passing out some praise

    ISSUE: Acknowledging contributions
    OUR VIEW: Distributing a few kudos

  • Area schools on the move with recent test scores

    ISSUE: Test scores

    OUR VIEW: Numbers matter to a degree

    We live in a numbers society. You gauge how good a basketball player is by a scoring average. How much money you and I may bring home on our paychecks is another indicator of professional success or maybe the number that matters most is where your favorite college football team may be ranked.

    It holds true with the state numbers that come out regarding the testing of our local students. The higher the number the better.

  • Leadership shutdown

    ISSUE: Federal government shuttered
    OUR VIEW: Demand leadership and governance

    As the government shutdown reaches Day 11 with a federal debt crisis looming next week, many Americans are frustrated, angry and even embarrassed about the impasse.

    Here’s another view to consider: We deserve the incompetent government we have.