• Music, politics and service

    KUDOS: Praising positives in our community

  • Putting money into heart of downtown

    TOPIC: Changes in downtown Elizabethtown
    OUR VIEW: Encouraged by private investment

    Most election seasons, we hear the same thing out of candidates for Elizabethtown City Council: “We have to do something about downtown” or “We need to make our downtown more attractive.”

  • Growth waits for a signal

    ISSUE: Radcliff development needs a traffic light
    OUR VIEW: Leaders have opportunity to assist

    To all those folks elected last week with promises to help attract jobs and promote economic growth, here’s your first opportunity.

    Help Radcliff get a traffic signal for a proposed retail development.

  • Vine Grove in race with winter’s chill

    ISSUE: Infrastructure work in Vine Grove
    Mayor wisely delayed street repaving

    Vine Grove is in a race against the weather.

    Much needed road work could be delayed by the early arrival of winter. Once asphalt plants close for the season, it will be early spring before the streets can be resurfaced.

  • Ensuring the future values veterans

    ISSUE: Veterans Day observances
    Forever and always

    Each year on Nov. 11, America sets aside a day to honor veterans of the armed forces and the sacrifices that provide for our freedom.

  • Contentment is high among voters

    ISSUE: Reviewing results of Tuesday’s election
    :  Voters affirm current directions

    Elections provide a snapshot of the collective community opinion, but like calculus, the lessons can be difficult to discern because of the formula’s complexity.

  • Grant request for lake access

    ISSUE: Questions about policies at Freeman Lake
    Council should approve modest request

    Elizabethtown’s Freeman Lake is a 170-acre body of water and the centerpiece of the city’s largest park. Residents and visitors alike enjoy fishing for a variety of native pan fish, catfish and trout that call the lake home.

  • Treasuring Lincoln

    TOPIC: Lincoln Boyhood Home at Knob Creek
    OUR VIEW: Remembering our 16th president

    The beginning of the end has begun in LaRue County.

  • Don't be naive: Politics are real

    ISSUE: Politics and the Ring Road extension
    OUR VIEW: All state funding comes with politics

    Describing Hardin County as one of the state’s most effective economic engines, Gov. Steve Beshear stood before barriers at the southern end of Ring Road and described his decision to accelerate funding to extend the road to Interstate 65.


    ISSUE: Polls are open from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. today
    OUR VIEW: Your opportunity has arrived

    Today is an important day. As a registered voter, Election Day is the opportunity to exercise your right and obligation of making your voice heard regarding whom you wish to best represent your views and desires on multiple levels of government.