• Welcoming a new employer

    ISSUE: Hendrickson USA to open new manufacturing facility
    New plant strengthens Hardin County’s value

  • No ceiling in Army

    ISSUE: Next commander at Fort Knox is a woman
    OUR VIEW: Welcome back, Brig. Gen. Peggy Combs

    It became known this week that command of Fort Knox is changing once again. That’s not unusual. However, this change is unprecedented.

    The incoming leader is Brig. Gen. Peggy Combs, the first female to command the storied post.

    Combs, who served as deputy commander of Cadet Command from July 2011 to September 2012, has a track record of successful commands and nearly 30 years experience.

  • E'town voters would benefit from primary

    ISSUE: Some towns have no municipal primaries
    OUR VIEW: City should reconsider its system

    Radcliff and Vine Grove require primaries for their nonpartisan elections.

    Radcliff, as a second-class city, is compelled to do so by state law, County Clerk Kenny Tabb explains. Vine Grove also choose to accept that plan and established it by ordinance.

  • I-65 improvements remain vital issue

    ISSUE: Funding for I-65 widening work
    OUR VIEW: Stay focused on its importance

    Until a highway project makes its way into the state's six-year road plan, it has little hope of ever happening.

    But getting there is no guarantee of completion either.

  • E’town voters would benefit from primary
  • National arrest data should be alarming

    ISSUE: Young men often have arrest records
    OUR VIEW: Looking for a better way forward

    While it must have been a unique task for a police officer to arrest the most recognizable teen in North America, Justin Beiber — who police say was speeding in a Lamborghini and failed field sobriety tests — taking in a 19-year-old is all too common, a new study indicates.

  • Dealing with debt at HMH

    ISSUE: Hospital bad debt, charity care grows
    OUR VIEW: Understanding is not fixing the issue

    The service has been provided. The bill has been sent. The payment is due. Then overdue. And, eventually, past due.

    Anyone in a service business has seen that happen. But few businesses sustain $25 million in bad debt.

    Hardin Memorial Hospital is experiencing ballooning bad debt, which is a byproduct, in part, of changing insurance practices.

  • Life cut short

    ISSUE: The death of David Vittitoe
    OUR VIEW: His final act of kindness will live on

  • Guthrie provides apt recognition

    TOPIC: Nine medals for U.S. Marine veteran
    Only he knows the true significance

  • Via Colori worth saving

    The canvas has been the streets of Elizabethtown since Via Colori arrived in 2010 to showcase the talents of artists of every skill level.

    Every year a range of artists from all sorts of backgrounds participate. It has been a time of expression and a time to fill downtown as so many have called for over the years.

    The decision to cancel the event last month by the event’s sponsor, the Advocacy & Support Center’s board, is disappointing.