• SpringHaven leadership requires unique person

    ISSUE: SpringHaven's new executive director
    OUR VIEW: Job demands a diverse skill set

    After the abrupt departure of its previous director, SpringHaven’s board of directors wisely moved methodically through the selection process. It must be rewarding to have found its new executive director already on staff.

  • Spooky, but safe

    ISSUE: Tonight's candy collection craze 
    OUR VIEW: Keep it safe, neighborly this Halloween

    Turn on your lights to welcome trick-or-treaters. If you’re not passing out candy, let children know by keeping your porch dark and front door closed.

    Remove all obstacles, especially candle-lit jack-o’-lanterns, from walkways and stairwells children will use.

  • Three cheers related to the military

    Retired Maj. Gen. John R. Tindall Jr. has ended his tour of duty as chairman of USA Cares, the locally founded nonprofit organization dedicated to helping today’s soldiers and their families with basic needs such as food, shelter and utilities.

  • Search-and-rescue a valuable, needed unit

    TOPIC: County search-and-rescue squad
    OUR VIEW: Volunteers step forward

    Rineyville Fire Department Chief Shane Crutcher isn’t saying formation of a search-and-rescue squad in Hardin County will always lead to cheerful reunions.

    But it certainly will help.

  • Looking at stances of E'town candidates

    ISSUE: Elizabethtown City Council election 
    OUR VIEW: Seeking a well-balanced, effective group 

  • Radcliff incumbents deserve new terms

    ISSUE: Radcliff City Council election
    OUR VIEW: When the path is clear, move ahead

    With a concentration on community pride, Radcliff city government has made significant improvements regarding quality of life issues.

  • E’town renews sports sponsorship sales contract

    THE ISSUE: Farming out sponsorship sales
    OUR VIEW: Expectations increase for sales company

    Elizabethtown Sports Park will have help turning its audience into revenue over the next year.

  • Kudos in the classroom and out

    TOPIC: Academics, fire truck and ride show positives
    OUR VIEW: Good is all around us

  • Honors in bronze and stone

    ISSUE: Veterans volunteer on own tribute
    OUR VIEW: A special moment captured the essence of value

    A poignant moment took place recently under a sunny October sky. Leon Chambers, a local veteran, was among a small army of fellow veterans assembled at the site of the Hardin County Veterans Tribute under development in the Elizabethtown Nature Park.

  • Bringing the past to life is rewarding

    ISSUE: Civil War battle remembrance
    OUR VIEW: Thanks for every effort

    When considering Civil War historic sites, Elizabethtown never will resonate in the same manner as Gettysburg, Chancellorsville, Shiloh, Antietam, Bull Run, Vicksburg or even Kentucky’s Perryville.