• Be it ever so humble

    TOPIC: Habitat for Humanity’s container project
    OUR VIEW: Organization is a big help for many

    Habitat for Humanity gives hope to people, helping to provide them with a safe roof over their heads. Sometimes it’s the first safe roof they have seen in months or years.

  • Another quote to consider

    ISSUE: Operating style in Radcliff city government

    OUR VIEW: Important to seek constructive unison

    The first few weeks of Mike Weaver’s term as Radcliff’s new mayor might easily be summed up by quotations he lauds hanging on his office wall.

  • Take advantage of HCS opportunities

    KUDOS: Praising positives in our community

    Hardin County Schools have been doing its part to educate parents and students about what the district has to offer as well as ways to keep children safe within the social media world.

    Two recent programs magnified that effort.

  • Embrace story of a Navy hero

    ISSUE: Reaction to success of ‘American Sniper’
    OUR VIEW: Hollywood elites show their true colors

    Hollywood either wasn’t pre­pared for, or is unwilling to accept the unanticipated blockbuster success the film “American Sniper” is amassing since its release just a few short weeks ago.

  • Collaboration settles dispute

    ISSUE: Resolving HMH’s Woodland Drive request
    OUR VIEW: City, county, HMH reach workable idea

    After deliberation that spanned nearly nine months, an agreement has been reached that will alter traffic flow around Hardin Memorial Hospital and provide for the expansion of the hospital’s emergency department.

  • A leader who loved his state

    TOPIC: The life and legacy of Wendell Ford
    OUR VIEW: One of Kentucky's true leaders

    Wendell Ford was laid to rest Tuesday in his hometown of Owensboro in front of a flood of dignitaries, family, friends and neighbors.

  • Feeling better at the hospital

    ISSUE: Hardin Memorial Health's financial report
    OUR VIEW: Trustees' patience was well placed

    Hardin County’s community-owned hospital made nearly $6 million in the final six months of 2014.

  • Shelter gift and local ambassador

    Friends of Hardin County Animal Shelter had reason to rejoice last week.

    The local nonprofit organization received a $5,000 contribution from Pets Are Worth Saving, or PAWS, to help pay for the upcoming Spay Hardin County Program. The program aims to reduce the number of unwanted cats in the county.

  • Looking back on hiring process

    ISSUE: Selection of economic director position

    OUR VIEW: Candidate also was acting as consultant

    As expected, Mayor Mike Weaver hit the ground running after being sworn in as Radcliff’s new top elected official.

  • Who will pay for free college?

    ISSUE: President's community college proposal
    OUR VIEW: Careful thought must be given

    “I have no more campaigns to run, I know because I won both of them” was without doubt the most memorable statement in the State of the Union address presented by President Barack Obama on Tuesday night.