• Bridge makeover is not worth cost

    TOPIC: E'town railroad overpass makeover
    OUR VIEW: Too much to spend on paint

  • Targeting a horrific menace

    TOPIC: Heroin usage in Hardin County
    OUR VIEW: Focus on education, rehabilitation

  • Women making a clear impact

    KUDOS: Celebrating success in our community

    President Barak Obama, in a recent proclamation, noted that, “When women succeed, America succeeds.”

    That’s certainly true in Hardin County.

    The community is fortunate a diversity of women, with many talents and abilities, contribute to the fabric and well-being of the community.

  • Looking forward to next summer

    ISSUE: Elizabethtown's new water park
    OUR VIEW: Community welcomes addition

    A new wave of interest and excitement followed the release earlier this month of plans for Elizabethtown’s water park.

  • No. 1 in providing second chances

    ISSUE: LaRue County adult education ranks top in state
    OUR VIEW: School system, staff, students deserve praise

    In the race to be the best, LaRue County Schools has achieved a No. 1 ranking.

    Of all the school districts in the state, LaRue’s adult education program topped rankings for the 2014-15 school year.

  • Lions and Eagles and Taste: Oh, my

    Kudos: Praising positives in our community

    THANKS TO THE LIONS. The Elizabethtown Lions Club and barbecue chicken is a wonderful combination.

  • Bottom line: HMH made right moves

    ISSUE: Hardin Memorial’s financial health

    OUR VIEW: Business, strategic decisions pay off 

    Owners and key leaders of commercial businesses have at their disposal a variety of measures to help them understand and track their organization’s progress in the marketplace.

  • He's 'Comin' Over'

    ISSUE: Chris Young concert at Freeman Lake Park
    Entertainment choice is going over well

    In most any circumstance, spending $75,000 is a decision that should be weighed carefully and thoughtfully.

    Spending $75,000 of someone else’s money deserves even greater consideration and scrutiny.

  • All train collisions can be prevented

    ISSUE: Recent incidents of local railway accidents
    OUR VIEW: Stay off tracks and know safety rules

    Ten days ago, a 14-year-old Elizabethtown resident was struck by a train while walking along the tracks downtown. It’s been reported by witnesses that the teen was wearing earbuds or headphones at the time.

  • Andrew Holland's lessons will live on

    TOPIC: Teenager fought cancer while living life
    OUR VIEW: Make the most of your time on Earth

    There is something all of us can learn from the short life lived by Andrew Holland.

    Faced with cancer, he spent weeks and weeks in Kosair Children’s Hospital. It was his home away from home as he fought cancer to the very end.