• Radcliff council reflected voters

    TOPIC: New council member in Radcliff
    OUR VIEW: City council made a logical decision

    The death last month of longtime Radcliff City Councilman Don Shaw put the council in a precarious position as it moved forward to find a replacement to serve out the term, which ends Dec. 31.

  • When danger goes to school

    THE ISSUE: Violence at Fern Creek High School
    OUR VIEW: Preparedness and prevention needed

    Dangers that exist in society sometimes enter our schools.

    Once considered a safe haven for children, the level of violence and the frequency of incidents in schools can be alarming.

  • People make the difference


    The Vine Grove Bluegrass Festival has become so popular over the last 15 years that many who visit plan much of their life around the annual event in the tiny northern Hardin County town.

  • Facing a choice, choose safety first

    ISSUE: Illnesses blamed on unpasteurized milk
    OUR VIEW: Perceived benefits versus perceived threat

    Under normal circumstances, a glass of milk is not hazardous. But recently public health officials have come to the conclusion that raw milk produced and sold in this area may have caused illnesses for five children.

  • If you have something to say, say it here

    As the elections draw near, the letters to the editor increase dramatically.

    Whether part of an organized campaign to show support for a candidate or some heartfelt personal need to speak up, the burden of collecting, organizing, editing, producing and printing letters increases.

  • Honoring soldiers from Vietnam era

    ISSUE: Commemoration of the Vietnam War
    Salute to service never goes out of style

  • Check your watch before going to post

    ISSUE: Reduction of hours at Fort Knox gates
    Post decision serves post priorities

    Fort Knox and Hardin County have an important symbiotic relationship. The post payroll and spending drives much of the local economy and traditionally has insulated the region from negative trends observed nationally.

  • Signs, signs everywhere

    ISSUE: Signs along federal, state and local roads
    OUR VIEW: Transportation cabinet offers advice

    The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet has a problem — and you may be contributing to it.

  • Special honors

    KUDOS: Praising positives in our community

    When Jared Boddy and Ben Green were called to duty early on the evening of Sept. 8, little did they know that part of their mission on Taylor Court in Radcliff would be to rescue someone from a burning building.

  • E’town dog park is welcome addition

    ISSUE: Facility opens Saturday
    OUR VIEW: A dog’s life is getting even better

    In recent months, Hardin County has become a better place to be a dog.