• Get ready to go purple in May

    ISSUE: Paint the Town Purple
    OUR VIEW: Great way to gear-up for Relays

    Some residents might be inclined to think their eyes are playing tricks on them during the first full week of May. But rest assured that won’t be the case. The purple hue we will begin seeing across the community signifies the return of an annual Relay for Life event.

  • Cruisin’ captures state’s attention

    ISSUE: Cruisin’ gains Top 10 ranking
    OUR VIEW: Event deserves statewide notice

  • New Knox logo a symbol of a mission

    TOPIC: New Fort Knox logo
    OUR VIEW: One symbol of excellence

    Visitors to Fort Knox or to the post’s website have had something new to catch their eyes the last few weeks.

  • Fiscal Court revote erases arguments

    ISSUE: Fiscal Court’s revote on government move

    OUR VIEW:  ‘Do-over’ was right decision

    Hardin Fiscal Court conducted a second meeting to receive public input and allow magistrates an opportunity to recast a vote on the plan to relocate county government offices. Although those in attendance who spoke in opposition will continue to view relocation as the wrong move for county government, Fiscal Court’s decision to hold a second meeting certainly was the right decision to make.

  • A donation of history

    ISSUE: Ron Lewis' Congressional papers
    OUR VIEW: University uniquely ready for gift


    Ron Lewis recently stepped out of his role as retiree and grandfather and briefly returned to the spotlight at Campbellsville University.

  • Health department selling home health branch

    ISSUE: Selling home health services

    OUR VIEW: A sensible decision


    Having weathered rising costs and sinking returns with no relief anticipated, Lincoln Trail District Health Department plans to sell its home health services division.

    Since last year, the department has tried to make up financial shortfalls through attrition. But that hasn’t made enough impact and the program is looking at a financial loss.

  • Academic success all around us

    TOPIC: Academic excellence
    OUR VIEW: Perfect ACT score, scholarship signs of strong academics

    When a pitcher throws a perfect game, it makes national news and is covered around the clock on ESPN.

    When a gymnast achieves a perfect 10 on an event in the Olympic Games, the athlete is hailed as a hero.

  • Making a difference here and on the beach

    ISSUE: Things to be proud of
    OUR VIEW: Praiseworthy accomplishments

    The Radcliff Small Business Alliance’s initial meeting exceeded expectations of its optimistic founders. More than 100 people representing locally owned companies gathered last week at Caroline’s Alpine Haus to learn more, join up and socialize.

  • Youth need work skills

    ISSUE: Student work ethic certification
    OUR VIEW: HCS program fills a void


    One of the most common workforce complaints in businesses of all sizes is deficient work ethic.

    In recent years, millennials especially have caught a lot of grief, being accused of lacking job commitment and having weak work habits.

  • April 12, 2013: Lessons yet to be learned

    ISSUE: Ethics in government
    All have much to learn

    Former Kentucky Agriculture Commissioner Richie Farmer recently was charged with 42 violations of Kentucky’s Code of Ethics. The charges were filed by the Executive Branch Ethics Commission. All together, if the commission determines the violations took place, it can fine Farmer as much as $210,000 and can reprimand him publicly.