• The unseen disease

    TOPIC: Mental health disease
    OUR VIEW: Reach out to those who are in need

    Kurt Cobain, Ernest Hemingway, Richard Jeni ...

    The news is often numbing because it comes from out of the blue, like it did last week when comedy giant Robin Williams took his own life after years of battling mental health issues.

  • Plenty of good things happening around us

    KUDOS: Praising positives in our community

    NATIONAL NOTERIETY at 10. Rachel Ritchie’s mission is to gain enough money — $100,000 — to be able to build a playground in Vine Grove that is accessible to handicapped children and serve as a location where all children can play together.

  • College’s impact is beyond measure

    ISSUE: ECTC begins 50th anniversary celebration
    OUR VIEW: Community has been shaped by college

    For a 50-year-old, Eliza­bethtown Community and Technical College is quite spry and agile.

  • Local coaches deserve raises

    ISSUE: Salary stipends of high school coaches
    Many deserve more pay

    The hours run into each other over the course of a year as one part of a sports season blends into another: working out, conditioning, scouting, playing the season and then preparing for yet another year as the cycle restarts itself.

  • History plus tavern equals larger crowd

    ISSUE: Record attendance for walking tour
    OUR VIEW: New gathering enhances experience

    The Historic Downtown Walking Tour has been offering glimpses into Elizabethtown’s past on Thursday nights each summer for 27 years.

  • New HCS facility means new future

    ISSUE: Early College and Career Center
    OUR VIEW: Great opportunity for community

    Every school year begins with a new sense of anticipation and hope for success. But this month, Hardin County Schools opened a one-of-a-kind venue that brightens the future for hundreds of students — not to mention the entire community.

  • A few lemons go a long way

    KUDOS: Praising positives in the community

    ARTISAN MARKET WORKS ON MANY LEVELS. Radcliff’s recent Artisan Market provided an array of local and area businesses an opportunity to showcase and market their handmade goods to patrons.

  • Remember this sacrifice

    ISSUE: The death of firefighter Jonathan French
    OUR VIEW: Find a way to express your appreciation

    A call in the middle of the night seldom means good news.

    For first responders, emergency calls are common at all hours. Our bad news is their service opportunity.

  • A new employer and new neighbor

    ISSUE: Selling the municipal water system
    Decision benefits both entities

    Welcome, Quest Industries.

  • Students, teachers: Embrace challenge of school year

    TOPIC: Beginning a new school year
    OUR VIEW: Potential to excel is within each student

    The sight of youngsters hauling backpacks to bus stops in the early morning hours, school buses on the roadways and tests and quizzes take full flight today as Hardin County Schools and Elizabethtown Independent Schools begin a new year.