• Who’s betting on casinos?

    ISSUE: The Gambling Governor

    OUR VIEW: Public vote would settle the matter

    If you’re a betting person, you may want to lay a wager that Gov. Steve Beshear once again will propose expanded gambling to help address the state’s revenue challenges.

    It seems to be the standard answer from the governor’s office when it comes to financial issues.

    Education improvement, gambling can fix that; budget shortfall, gambling is the answer; road needs, let’s gamble our way to the promised land.

  • Simple solution 20 years in making

    ISSUE: City classification system
    OUR VIEW: Proposed reorganization makes sense

    It has been 20 years since the state constitution was amended to drop a largely ignored requirement that city classifications be based on population. But the system continues to be used, despite the voter-approved amendment, because the General Assembly has taken no action to develop a new system in the past two decades.

  • Another year of momentum

    ISSUE: A year in review
    2013 full of progress

  • Pay attention to public input

    ISSUE: Radcliff mayor’s salary raised by council
    OUR VIEW: Process could have been better

    Whoever steps into office in the position of mayor of the city of Radcliff will be doing so with a nice pay increase.

  • Hard to 'Duck' controversy
    ISSUE: Phil Robertson and A&E
    OUR VIEW: Offensive remark, offensive reaction
    When “Duck Dynasty” patriarch Phil Robertson expressed his views on a variety of topics that included statements regarding homosexuality, executives of the A&E network acted surprised. It was as if they had no idea that Robertson felt the way he did. 
  • We celebrate the act of giving

    TOPIC: Christmas giving
    Helping others is what it's all about

    Maybe you were standing outside of a business, ringing a bell and watching strangers reach into their pockets and purses for some loose change or a few dollar bills and drop it into a kettle.

    Or maybe it was selecting a name on a Christmas tree with a wish list that was more about a child's clothing needs for survival than entertainment, and the way reaching out to help someone you will never know, felt good.

  • Another look at recent honorees


  • Statistics say, Sports Park is a hit

    TOPIC: First full year of operation
    A big success but issues still remain

    At the time, the 8-year-old boys carrying their bat bags into the Elizabethtown Sports Park this summer didn’t know it at the time. The 8-year-old girls with pink jerseys running around the complex’s soccer fields in the fall may not even have cared. But the facility where they played won't be paid off until they have their own children old enough to be able to carry bat bags into the park or kick a soccer ball.

  • PAWS Foundation makes an impact

    ISSUE: New animal control shelter
    OUR VIEW: Efforts reflect well on community

    With no profit to be made and much more effort than praise, a caring group of local volunteers sank their hearts and souls, bank accounts and backaches into the new Hardin County Animal Shelter.

    It’s difficult to fully appreciate or recognize the devotion involved in this project without having worked side-by-side amid the fundraising, negotiations, planning and oversight involved in the accomplishment.

  • Let's not settle for No. 19 ranking

    ISSUE: Well-being of children
    OUR VIEW: Everyone has a hand in improvement

    When it comes to child well-being, 18 Kentucky counties are doing better than Hardin County, according to Kentucky Youth Advocates, a nonpartisan and nonprofit group.

    The organization released the Kentucky Kids County’s 2013 County Data Book, which considers 16 indicators of child well-being for Kentucky’s 120 counties. The indicators fall in four categories: economic security, education, health and family and community.