• Building project takes first step

    ISSUE: County government's space needs
    OUR VIEW: Study is wise first step

    Hardin Fiscal Court’s first step toward developing a new county government center began where it should: At the beginning.

    Before venturing out in search of appropriate property or drawing up blueprints or artistic renderings, you first must decide what’s needed. In a massive undertaking of this nature, that’s not simple.

  • Doomsday checklist

    ISSUE: Prepping for the end
    OUR VIEW: Only reasonable response is humor

    It’s our last day on Earth, at least Earth as we know it. On Friday — the conclusion of the 5,125-year Mayan “long count” calendar — global catastrophe is expected to strike.

  • New WKU coach trying to change

    ISSUE: WKU hires Bobby Petrino
    OUR VIEW: It honestly might work

    Bobby Petrino has been named the new head football coach at Western Kentucky University after Willie Taggert agreed to take the same position at the University of South Florida.

  • Abundant praise

    This time of year often is seen as a time of abundance: An abundance of lights and yard displays, an abundance of delicious, fattening treats, an abundance of traffic, which typically leads to an abundance of short tempers and frazzled nerves over the lack of abundant parking spaces at our favorite stores and restaurants.

    However, there’s also an abundance of good cheer and well wishes during this special time of year and our appreciation is extended to those who make our lives happier and safer.

  • Exploring idea of public transit

    ISSUE: Public transportation forum
    First step toward a difficult and potentially costly goal

    Hardin County residents who’ve long desired access to local public transportation have an opportunity to attend a forum on the topic Monday afternoon.

  • It's an identity issue

    ISSUE: Hardin County United’s way forward
    OUR VIEW: Purpose, targets need clarification

    After the Hardin County community showed underwhelming interest in unified local government — failing to embrace the idea of exploring what that government might look like, even — it seems the volunteer group Hardin County United has lost steam.

  • Health care is a business

    ISSUE: HMH acquisitions
    OUR VIEW: Consider the motivations

    Hardin Memorial Health represents one of the region’s largest employers and there appears to be no end to that growth pattern.

    Most would say growth is a good thing, bigger is better. From the standpoint of HMH’s business interests, the recent focus on purchasing existing practices just makes sense.

  • Avoiding local 'landfill cliff'

    ISSUE: Compromise on county’s solid waste plan
    Berry and Duvall could provide model

    Compromise can be a difficult to achieve. Differing viewpoints and expected outcomes often create insurmountable hurdles that stand in the way of getting everything wanted by those on opposing sides of any issue. Like a brick wall separating one space from another, failure or refusal to communicate can only worsen the problem and push constructive progress further out of reach.

  • Three-times the cheer

    TOPIC: Cheers by three
    OUR VIEW: We believe in sports and Brooklyn

    College athletics has returned this school year to Elizabethtown Community and Technical College.

    Students at the college now are able to pursue some of their sports like soccer and basketball at the school.

  • Considering fairness

    ISSUE: Proposed fairness ordinance
    OUR VIEW: Proceed with care

    Everyone wants to be treated fairly. Every soul deserves fair treatment. It’s virtually unthinkable to take a stand against fairness.

    But deciding how to define fairness and how to defend it are more difficult.