• Health risks of e-cigs still hazy

    ISSUE: E-cigarette use in public places
    OUR VIEW: Expanded smoking bans would cut confusion

    In many cities across Kentucky, including Elizabethtown and Radcliff, smokers have been stepping outside public buildings to light up for years.

    But in recent years, vapers have been popping up and puffing away in restaurants, workplaces and other public areas.

  • Motives of giver don’t taint gift

    ISSUE: Bluegrass Pipeline’s grant program
    OUR VIEW: The contributions will help our community

    Individuals, businesses and organizations give money to community organizations for a variety of reasons.

    Whether motivated by guilt or benevolence, pride or compassion, public pressure or community concern, the outcome is the same: Much needed financial support invested  for the betterment of others.

  • Paying respects in word and deed

    Kudos: Praising positives in our community

    Finding Solace through Essay. Following a five-year battle with the disease, John Hardin High School junior Brittany Tooker lost her mother, Joan, to leukemia when Brittany was just 11-years old.

  • Let's clear the air once and for all

    ISSUE: Proposed statewide smoking ban
    OUR VIEW: All Kentuckians should be protected

    In Hardin County and many other Kentucky communities, it now seems bizarre to walk into a store, office or even restaurant and be met with the haze and distinct smell of tobacco smoke.

    In this area, smoking has been banned from public buildings — including all workplaces — for some time. Now, a statewide ban is again under consideration.

  • Quiet leader leaves major local impact

    TOPIC: Death of Bob Wade Sr.
    A leader who led by his example

    Hardin County lost one of its finest leaders last week when Bob Wade Sr. died at age 79.

    He wasn’t an elected official, but the impact he made on Hardin County over the last several decades is immeasurable. For decades to come, the imprint Wade leaves on Hardin County and others will continue to live on.

  • Editorial: Jan. 15, 2014
  • Jan. 16, 2014: Our readers write
  • Good luck, Coach Strong; Good luck with Petrino

    ISSUE: Louisville’s football coaching change
    OUR VIEW: Some change is hard to believe

    Charlie Strong leaves a legacy at the University of Louisville that he and the Cardinal football players built in a short four seasons.

  • Acts of service to praise, cherish

    The New Year has arrived but some praiseworthy mentions are due related to some December accomplishments.

    A patriarch of education. The Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence, which has been the leading voice for improved education in Kentucky for a quarter century, received a like-minded figure when Al Rider decided to accept its invitation to serve on the committee.

    The recently retired president and CEO of the Central Kentucky Community Foundation has been a long-time advocate of improving public education.

  • Give credit where it is due

    ISSUE: Academic credit for military training
    OUR VIEW: Give credit where credit is due