• NHHS track and field: The best of the best

    TOPIC: North Hardin's dual state titles
    OUR VIEW: Two times the fun

  • Leaving high school and moving forward

    ISSUE: Graduation has arrived
    Boldly step into the future

  • Deserving of high praise

    ISSUE: Honoring many

    OUR VIEW: Student athletes, Hosparus, Relay

    We’re going to toot our horn a little here and that of many, many others.

    The second Select Preps banquet was held at Severns Valley Baptist Church in Elizabethtown, culminating several months of work by newspaper employees, area coaches, athletic directors and student-athletes. Dozens of businesses saw the worthiness of honoring some of our future leaders and served as sport or event sponsors.

  • Kentucky begins with kids in mind

    ISSUE: Investing in early childhood education
    OUR VIEW: Critical priority worthy of investment

    Beginnings are the best place to start.

  • Hydrating for the future

    ISSUE: Water agreement signing ceremony
    OUR VIEW: Deal delivers water for growth

    When we reach for the handle, we expect water to instantly pour out of the tap.

    Little consideration is given to the work behind that water. In fact, most of us take it for granted — except maybe once a month when the bill arrives.

  • Let's kick this idea around for a while

    ISSUE: Local sisters organizing adult kickball league
    OUR VIEW: Sports offers a glimpse back to childhood

    If nostalgic reflections to elementary playground days mean anything, two local sisters should generate adequate interest to launch an adult kickball league in Elizabethtown this fall.

  • Adopt a Platoon will be a success

    ISSUE: Supporting the military
    OUR VIEW: Hardin County comes through

    When opportunities become available to support the military and their families, Hardin County comes through time and again.

  • Acknowledging heroic service

    TOPIC: Mission accomplished
    OUR VIEW: Service medals a victory for perseverance

    For the family of the late Jesus Arriola Leon Guerrero, a native of Guam who served 20 years in the U.S. Navy from 1937 to 1957, it was a mission and a passion created long, long ago.

  • Find lessons in crisis

    ISSUE: School safety scare
    OUR VIEW: Learning in wake of false report

    The Elizabethtown Independent Schools community was tested last week. Just after 9 a.m. May 1, someone called 911 and reported a person at T.K. Stone Middle School was carrying a gun.

  • Prescriptions for success

    ISSUE: Connecting government agencies with the public

    OUR VIEW: Benefits all

    The national Office of Drug Control Policy is making a local impact. Grants totaling $300,000 are to be distributed over three years to agencies in seven regions of Kentucky to combat substance abuse in those ages 12 to 25.

    Locally, that means Communicare is administering money to be used by local law enforcement agencies to keep unused prescription drugs out of the wrong hands and out of water supplies.