• Tornadoes delivered lessons amid damage

    ISSUE: Leap Day tornadoes
    OUR VIEW: Finding blessings in the storm

    Our hearts go out to local families dealing with the impact of the Feb. 29 line of tornadoes. Many are facing weeks and months of hard work and expense to restore their homes.

  • WKU's reaction to parody misses teachable moment

    ISSUE: University's Twitter controversy
    OUR VIEW: Reaction sends wrong message

    Recent tweets have created quite a buzz across and beyond the campus of Western Kentucky University.

  • Traffic fatalities serve as stark warnings

    ISSUE: No watches, warnings on the road
    OUR VIEW: Traffic danger exists everyday

    In a stretch from Clarkson to Hodgenville, four tornadoes touched down in a matter of 90 minutes on Leap Day, Feb. 29.

    Total loss of life: 0.

    In the preceding three days, four severe traffic collisions occurred in roughly the same region.

    Total loss of life: 5.

  • Strategic plan's aim: HMH's healthy future

    ISSUE: HMH improvement goals in strategic plan
    OUR VIEW: Aggressive goals will strengthen all 

    If a business isn’t applying rigorous effort into moving forward, it most certainly is falling behind. Any business leader worth his or her salt will quickly confirm this truth. A solid plan outlining actions for improvement, who is responsible for implementing them and how progress will be measured, is key in moving the business from point A to point B.
    Hardin Memorial Health has adopted such a plan.

  • Honoring a great man’s memory

    TOPIC: Virgil Pearman
    OUR VIEW: A major force in Hardin County

    The death of Virgil Pearman hit many in our community hard.

    His impact on Hardin County was felt for decades and will live on for many, many more. While he was born in LaRue County as one of 14 children, he is one of the architects of Radcliff with his long service in Kentucky’s General Assembly and his time as a business owner and builder.

  • State highway plans for a slimmer Dixie

    ISSUE: Changing U.S. 31W in E'town
    OUR VIEW: Give this 'road diet' a try

    No one ever celebrates a diet. Even when you're committed to it and need it, dieting typically is not welcomed.

    So it's not surprising that news of a "road diet" for a stretch of U.S. 31W in downtown Elizabethtown is met with apprehension, questions and even ridicule.

  • Select students may desire early graduation

    ISSUE: Proposed bill for early high school graduation
    OUR VIEW: Option makes sense for a select few

    If passed, a bill in the Education Committee of the Kentucky House of Representatives would provide an option for early graduation for some high school juniors.

  • Priceless: Hurray for United Way

    ISSUE: United Way success
    OUR VIEW: Plenty of praise to share

    History has been made in the Heartland. Congratulations to United Way of Central Kentucky not only for meeting its $1,025,000 goal, but surpassing the mark to collect a record-breaking $1,031,236.

    Despite tough economic times, despite naysayers who felt the goal was too high and despite economic issues impacting  some workplaces, United Way and this community gave with their hearts and heads to help meet a financial goal and a human services goal.

  • Laurels

    TOPIC: Recognitions are music to our ears
    OUR VIEW: Well deserved honors

    Two of the most recognizable names in Hardin County music were or will be honored by state and national organizations.
    In her 29th year as a music teacher at G.C. Burkhead Elementary School, Debby Duda was selected as Elementary School Teacher of the Year by the Kentucky Music Educators Association. In addition to the prestigious honor, Duda received $500 with the award to be used for materials for her classroom.

  • It’s not about allowing the public to vote

    ISSUE: Casino gambling in Kentucky

    OUR VIEW: Legislators owe Kentuckians an honest vote