• It's no secret that finding consensus can be controversial

    If you promise not to repeat it, I’ll let you in on a little secret.

    I probably shouldn’t mention it. It’s really kind of embarrassing, considering what I do for a living. I trust that you’re not going to hold it against me.

    Remember, you promised not to tell anyone.

    Here goes. My big secret: I’ve never been a fan of newspaper opinion pages.

  • USPS' financial struggle bound to impact us all

    ISSUE: U.S. Postal Service changes
    OUR VIEW: Challenges will have more local impact

  • Helping make ends meet begins with awareness

    ISSUE: When Ends Don't Meet
    OUR VIEW: Caring readers respond

    Last month, The News-Enterprise published “When Ends Don’t Meet,” a series of stories about struggling Hardin Countians.

    A member of the local community who had something to share or give spoke up following each story, all of which were told from the sites of community organizations that help get the ends a little closer.

  • Project PASS not yet passe'

    ISSUE: Project PASS
    OUR VIEW: HCS finds ways to make it work

    In less than a year, Project PASS in Hardin County Schools has gone from a celebrated event with many of the U.S. Army’s top leaders visiting for an announcement ceremony to a program a week away from losing its federal funding.

  • PAWS Foundation shows promise

    ISSUE: New animal shelter
    OUR VIEW: Foundation offers vision and plan

    The future of the Hardin County Animal Shelter is a sunny one, but achieving it will require much work.

  • BRAC comes to quiet end

    ISSUE: Completion of Fort Knox’s transition
    : We’re at the top, but at a precipice

    You may not have noticed it, but September has been a historic month for Hardin County.

    The Elizabethtown Metropolitan Statistical Area — which includes all of Hardin and LaRue Counties — was first on a list of 366 such areas for percentage growth in gross domestic product, according to the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis.

  • Praise ranges from 9-11 events to 89-year-old's walk

    TOPIC: Kudos abound
    OUR VIEW: Good things going on

    Ten years ago, our country was hurting from the terrorist attacks in New York City, Washington, D.C., and Shanksville, Pa.
    The loss of 3,000 lives and our national sense of security have been long-lasting hurts.
    In Hardin County, we used more than words to show that we will never forget. There were countless events remembering the lost lives of emergency service personnel and innocent residents of the United States.

  • It's time for HCU to focus on other vision goals

    ISSUE: HCU's unification push
    OUR VIEW: Move on to other goals

    Developing a product and selling it are very different processes.

    After 14 months of research and development by its governance subcommittee, Hardin County United offered the community its best logic in drafting a recommendation to consider government unification.

  • Delabar's baseball path is a big league story

    TOPIC: Stevie Delabar
    OUR VIEW: Perseverance pays off

    The Stevie Delabar story is not just a good sports story; it’s a good story on life and how you always pursue your dreams no matter how high the hurdles you have to climb.

    The former Central Hardin High School pitcher is in the major leagues with the Seattle Mariners, less than six months after being out of baseball and serving as an assistant baseball coach at John Hardin High School.

  • Army changes Purple Heart policy

    ISSUE: Purple Heart eligibility
    OUR VIEW: Head injuries should qualify

    The Army’s decision to make more concussion victims eligible for the Purple Heart says more about medical science than military policy.

    As researchers and doctors gain a better understanding of head injuries, the information is changing everything from treatment regimens to high school sports.