• Dads, come to school

    OUR VIEW: Program fosters impactful presence

    There are many truths in education. Among those proven time after time is the fact children do better when parents are involved at school.

    From participating in parent-teacher conferences to visiting the classroom to attending school events and meetings, parents who connect at school equip themselves to support children and through their actions set a meaningful example.

  • For safety's sake

    ISSUE: First responders conduct active shooter drill
    OUR VIEW: Training prepares for the unthinkable

  • Stepping up when 911 goes down

    ISSUE: 911 service interruption
    The backup plan worked well

  • Give thanks

    ISSUE: Thanksgiving gatherings
    OUR VIEW: Love is our greatest blessing

  • Thanks for a thankless job

    ISSUE: Community Professional of the Year
    OUR VIEW: Offer congratulations to Rick Games

    Economic development and industrial recruiting can be a thankless job.

    New manufacturing announcements are not a daily occurrence. Unless your community is Utopia with zero unemployment and every person realizing their personal career objectives, someone always thinks the economic development efforts could be better.

  • Power of a penny

    ISSUE: Chamber supports local-option sales tax
    OUR VIEW: Study and research this revenue option

    Adding another penny to sales taxes could generate more than $6.15 million annually just in Hardin County.

    That number, which is based on 2011 collections estimates from the Kentucky Department of Revenue, actually could be higher. Many major retailers, such as Wal-Mart, write the state one cumulative check for sales tax at all its locations and do not break out the data by county.

  • Another strong statistical ranking

    THE ISSUE: No. 1 on military 'boom town’ list
    Thanks for the recognition

  • College lasts more than 4 years

    ISSUE: The four-year college degree


    OUR VIEW: Longer stay is not a sign of failure


    A report released last week provided the most in-depth look to date at how Kentucky’s high school graduates perform during their first year of college.

    The 2013 High School Feedback Report, a newly designed analysis based on actual college enrollments rather than student surveys, tracked the high school Class of 2011 through its first year of postsecondary education.

  • Education awards and good work

    TOPIC: Good work in our schools
    OUR VIEW: Teachers, students making it work

  • Giving opportunities abound in area

    TOPIC: Opportunity to give
    A chance to help always worthwhile