• Policies should be set by elected officials

    ISSUE: Alcohol policy at Sports Park
    OUR VIEW: City expected to decide, not defer

  • More than a sign

    In history, what starts out clear can over time devolve into shades of gray. Memories become less sure. One theory carries more weight than another. New generations bring fresh perspectives. And sometimes, rules change.

    Now, 150 years removed, a question arises: Was what happened in Elizabethtown on Christmas 1862 a battle deserving of official recognition or is it more rightly called a skirmish?

    The answer is clear as mud: It depends.

  • Encouraging legislators to ban sale of synthetic drugs

    ISSUE: Outlawing synthetic drugs
    OUR VIEW: HB 481 should be approved

  • Basketball teams provide reasons to smile

    ISSUE: Bluegrass basketball success

    OUR VIEW: Everybody loves a winner

    The love for basketball reaches a frenzy this week.

    Whether you're caught up in the excitement of the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers unexpected run in the Sun Belt Tournament or the University of Kentucky's yearlong dominance, college basketball's postseason has plenty to make the state proud.

  • Children need education on prescription drugs

    ISSUE: Keep Kentucky Kids Safe
    OUR VIEW: Message to children needed earlier, more often

    Somewhere, a teenage girl is fretting over her body image and the upcoming ACTs. She’s thinking about how, for her friend, ADHD medication not only kills an appetite but improves focus.

    Somewhere else, an aching student athlete is wondering about the powerful pain medication a relative took after a back injury.

  • Contributing team member

    TOPIC: Buckles scholarship
    OUR VIEW: Giving back always a great thing

    Quite possibly, it may have gone unnoticed to many in Hardin County.

    But there it was, on Page B2 of the Feb. 29 sports section of The News-Enterprise: Norton receives Buckles Scholarship.

  • Tornadoes delivered lessons amid damage

    ISSUE: Leap Day tornadoes
    OUR VIEW: Finding blessings in the storm

    Our hearts go out to local families dealing with the impact of the Feb. 29 line of tornadoes. Many are facing weeks and months of hard work and expense to restore their homes.

  • WKU's reaction to parody misses teachable moment

    ISSUE: University's Twitter controversy
    OUR VIEW: Reaction sends wrong message

    Recent tweets have created quite a buzz across and beyond the campus of Western Kentucky University.

  • Traffic fatalities serve as stark warnings

    ISSUE: No watches, warnings on the road
    OUR VIEW: Traffic danger exists everyday

    In a stretch from Clarkson to Hodgenville, four tornadoes touched down in a matter of 90 minutes on Leap Day, Feb. 29.

    Total loss of life: 0.

    In the preceding three days, four severe traffic collisions occurred in roughly the same region.

    Total loss of life: 5.

  • Strategic plan's aim: HMH's healthy future

    ISSUE: HMH improvement goals in strategic plan
    OUR VIEW: Aggressive goals will strengthen all 

    If a business isn’t applying rigorous effort into moving forward, it most certainly is falling behind. Any business leader worth his or her salt will quickly confirm this truth. A solid plan outlining actions for improvement, who is responsible for implementing them and how progress will be measured, is key in moving the business from point A to point B.
    Hardin Memorial Health has adopted such a plan.