• Hooray for those who honor heroes

    TOPIC: Hooray for Heroes and more
    OUR VIEW: We have plenty to celebrate

    Those who serve and have served in our armed forces never can be thanked enough. Same for those folks who spend their lives as emergency first responders protecting us.

    But we try and say thank you often, like recently at the seventh annual Hooray for Heroes event in Radcliff at Stithton Baptist Church.

    From activities and food to words of praise, the festival is in place to honor the armed forces and emergency responders.

  • Time to consider election reform

    ISSUE: Low voter turnout
    OUR VIEW: Alternatives must be studied

    What if we held an election and no one showed up? It almost happened Tuesday.

    With presidential primary decisions settled weeks ago and only one local contested race impacting less than half of Hardin County’s precincts, most voters stayed away Tuesday.

  • Elizabethtown nixes late-night fireworks

    ISSUE: Fireworks in Elizabethtown
    OUR VIEW: New policy supports practicality, politeness

     Chances are you’ve been there. In your home, settled in after a long day, enjoying the quiet or getting some sleep. And then, a screech, a boom and a fizzle.


    Maybe it’s a short-lived annoyance, maybe it goes on for a while, maybe you have a skittish dog or a light-sleeping baby and your night is ruined. In any event, such racket in the middle of the night is rude and unwarranted.

  • Covers under the stars

    ISSUE: Summer concert series
    The Almost Tour

    The summer concert series at Freeman Lake is back on, but is moving to fall, which may prove a better option than in the heat of the summer. The potential for an enjoyable evening at Freeman Lake won’t be related to just the weather, but to the music.

  • Praiseworthy acts

    TOPIC: Excellence, social media and building
    OUR VIEW: Applause all around

    Setting youngsters on the right learning path early often can lead to long-term academic success.

    That’s good news for students and parents in Hardin County Schools with the recent announcement that two more preschools in the district — Erin McPherson’s class at Lincoln Trail Elementary and Zola Walker’s class at G.C. Burkhead — have been recognized Classrooms of Excellence by the Kentucky Department of Education.

  • Court martial conviction offers degree of closure

    ISSUE: Burke found guilty in court martial
    OUR VIEW: Justice and closure provided 

     The lifeless bodies of Tracy Burke and her former mother-in-law, Karen Comer, were discovered by law enforcement officers inside Comer’s Rineyville home in September 2007. An investigation revealed the women had been shot to death inside Comer’s  home near Rineyville while Burke’s young sons, just 4 and 9 year olds at the time, hid inside a bedroom closet after witnessing the grizzly scene.

  • Graduates must build their own future

    ISSUE: High school, college graduation
    OUR VIEW: Graduates face challenges

     An eager and excited class of high school seniors will receive diplomas this week from area high schools. Many community colleges and universities around the state already have bestowed degrees to their graduates.

    With tremendous pride and tearful eyes, parents will applaud all the hard work and accomplishments these diplomas and degrees represent for their young adults.

  • Will of voters settles any alcohol questions

    ISSUE: Two alcohol vote petitions
    OUR VIEW: Elections could be simultaneous

    As Hardin County’s three largest cities welcome new liquor stores and become accustomed to beer sales in groceries, pharmacies and convenience stores, interest continues to surface regarding additional alcohol sales options.

  • Closing of two schools creates new adventures

    After a long school year of early mornings, pop quizzes, homework, testing and more testing, most students, parents and educators look forward to the last day of school.

    It’s a time of celebration: The completion of another year of learning and growing and the unofficial start of summer.

    However, the faces probably won’t be very jubilant Wednesday in Muldraugh or Battletown when the bell rings for the very last time at two community elementary schools in Meade County. After more than 150 years of service, these two schools will close permanently.

  • ECTC has a sporting chance

    TOPIC: Athletics at ECTC
    OUR VIEW: Opportunities for students always a good deal

    Today is Mother’s Day. How would you moms like to one day be able to go see your sons play college baseball at Elizabethtown Community and Technical College?

    It could happen and very soon.

    The rapidly growing school is making a serious push to meet the needs of students by offering intercollegiate athletics for the first time since 1981.

    Teams could be fielded as early as this fall.