• Share the road and perspective

    The issue: Motorcycle safety
    Our view: All drivers have responsibility to each other

    Whether you drive a motorcycle or an automobile, you have a responsibility to anticipate the hazards and reactions of other drivers.

  • Event today draws attention to danger in community

    ISSUE: Domestic Violence Month
    OUR VIEW: Issue deserving attention

  • Freight bottleneck noted on Elizabethtown's south end

    ISSUE: Trudging through intersection
    OUR VIEW: Study provides tool for change

    The potential to gain business or the threat of losing it often motivates state government to take action. With that in mind, a new national study could provide a tool for improving travel on Elizabethtown’s south side.

  • Involved parents make stronger kids

    ISSUE: Parent involvement
    OUR VIEW: Parents need support

    Parental involvement is key to children’s success in school and extra-curricular activities. Formal research and anecdotal evidence both show that when mom or dad show interest, show support or just show their faces, kids and schools improve.

    Kentucky law recognizes the importance of parental involvement in schools, mandating that parents have representatives on site-based councils and tracking some parent involvement data on annual school report cards.

  • Decisive vote should be met with decisive enforcement

    By a decisive margin, voters in Hardin County’s three largest communities have authorized the expanded sale of alcoholic beverages.

    The local option election Tuesday left no question about the intent and desire of most residents. A 3-to-2 margin held true in Elizabethtown, Radcliff and Vine Grove with every precinct favoring wet over dry.

  • Unrealistic federal standards should be rewritten, not waived

    ISSUE: No Child Left Behind.
    OUR VIEW: Flaws must be corrected  

    In this turbulent economic and political climate, there are fleetingly few things leaders on both sides of the partisan aisle agree on. For the future of education in our nation, thankfully the Obama Administration and Congressional Republicans and Democrats agree there are major flaws in the No Child Left Behind that must be addressed.

  • Rep. Jimmie Lee's honors are rooted in dedication

    ISSUE: Award for Jimmie Lee
    OUR VIEW: Legislator seeks to serve


  • Advice for parking problem: Give offenders the boot

    ISSUE: Unpaid parking tickets
    OUR VIEW: Deal with violators

    The city of Elizabethtown “may” start towing vehicles that have outstanding parking violations. They “may” start enforcing the city parking ordinance but then again they “might” implement a grace period or amnesty to give violators a chance to clean up ticket problems before vehicles are towed.

  • Clearing a path to political tradition

    ISSUE: Brushy Fork Debates
    OUR VIEW: Year three will be critical

    Nothing and no one can create a tradition. It requires repetition and time.

    Vine Grove’s effort to play a significant role in Kentucky’s political scene is laudable. But the crowds attracted for the Brushy Fork Debates could be politely described as lacking.

    After two years, Brushy Fork is trying to find its niche.

  • Don't fear lofty goals

    ISSUE: United Way goal
    OUR VIEW: Reach for challenge

    We are a society that invests heavily in goals.

    We want our children to achieve only A’s and B’s in school and use many motivational tools to get the job done. We want to retire by a certain age or have a certain number of children or to vacation at least once a year on a sun-drenched beach.

    We like goals.