• Show support for the 3/1

    ISSUE: Combat brigade deploys
    OUR VIEW: Those at home have a duty, too

    Over the past five years, the ranks of personnel at Fort Knox has grown, at times almost imperceptibly slowly. Last year, however, brought the largest influx.

    The 3rd Infantry Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division, was part of that surge. Activated in October 2009, the brigade only last spring completed its move from Fort Hood, Texas.

  • Giving season doesn’t end

    For more information on how to donate, visit www.unitedwayck.org or call 737-6608.

  • Jan. 11 editorial: It's a big part-time job

    TOPIC: High school dropouts
    OUR VIEW: A lose lose situation

  • Texting law sends a message

    ISSUE: Texting while driving
    OUR VIEW: Messages can wait

    Ttyl, lol, even texting someone “ur my bff” could cost you money if ur caught doing it while driving in the state of Kentucky as of Jan. 1.

    You’re late for work, your co-worker sends you a text asking when you’ll be in. You pick up the phone and while driving down Dixie Avenue you reply “asap.” That will be a $25 fine, thank you very much, if caught.

  • Nelson helped make the mold

    We are in an exciting time in Hardin County, so we focus on the present and the future.
    Too often, we overlook the past and what many who have led us in Hardin County have done.
    In many ways the life we lead and the path we are on is because of those who have served Hardin County well over the years.
    One of those people was Lenn Lee Nelson.
    Nelson served on Hardin County Fiscal Court for 16 years representing Vine Grove and the county.
    He died Dec. 31. He was 82.

  • BCS is a mess

    OUR VIEW: Needs some revamping

    When the Bowl Championship Series for college football came into play in 1998, one of its purposes was to create a buzz around the game.
    Consider the mission a success — but too often for the wrong reasons.
    Take this year for example.
    There is no question Auburn and Oregon have earned the right to play for the national championship next week. Both have gone undefeated and found ways to win games.

  • Courthouse work fits style of facility

    ISSUE: Renovations at the courthouse
    OUR VIEW: Classic and accommodating

    Renovations to the top floor meeting room in the Hardin County Courthouse had quite a debut this week.

    Completion of the work could not have been better timed. A standing-room crowd gathered as elected officials, deputy sheriffs and other select individuals took the oath of office. Many of their friends and family were able to take snapshots or videotape the ceremony in the bright, new setting.

  • Dec. 19, 2010 editorial: ECTC proactive in enrollment growth

    That Elizabethtown Community and Technical College is in a growth spurt is something we have known for quite some time.
    But now the steady growth is being recognized on a national scale and that is quite impressive.
    The small school on the hill is growing, so much that ECTC is one of the fastest growing two-year colleges in the country.

  • The sickest patient

    ISSUE: Medicare reimbursements to HMH

    OUR VIEW: The first of many

  • Vince Kieta served community well

    TOPIC: Vince Kieta
    OUR VIEW: He served Radcliff well

    For those who make frequent trips to Saunders Springs Nature Preserve in Radcliff, one of the people to thank for it is the late Vincent Kieta.
    He was someone who did plenty for the city of Radcliff as a 15-year member of city council as well as one of the backbones of the nature preserve.
    Kieta died last week at age 78 after a lengthy battle with pancreatic cancer.