• Courthouse work fits style of facility

    ISSUE: Renovations at the courthouse
    OUR VIEW: Classic and accommodating

    Renovations to the top floor meeting room in the Hardin County Courthouse had quite a debut this week.

    Completion of the work could not have been better timed. A standing-room crowd gathered as elected officials, deputy sheriffs and other select individuals took the oath of office. Many of their friends and family were able to take snapshots or videotape the ceremony in the bright, new setting.

  • Dec. 19, 2010 editorial: ECTC proactive in enrollment growth

    That Elizabethtown Community and Technical College is in a growth spurt is something we have known for quite some time.
    But now the steady growth is being recognized on a national scale and that is quite impressive.
    The small school on the hill is growing, so much that ECTC is one of the fastest growing two-year colleges in the country.

  • The sickest patient

    ISSUE: Medicare reimbursements to HMH

    OUR VIEW: The first of many

  • Vince Kieta served community well

    TOPIC: Vince Kieta
    OUR VIEW: He served Radcliff well

    For those who make frequent trips to Saunders Springs Nature Preserve in Radcliff, one of the people to thank for it is the late Vincent Kieta.
    He was someone who did plenty for the city of Radcliff as a 15-year member of city council as well as one of the backbones of the nature preserve.
    Kieta died last week at age 78 after a lengthy battle with pancreatic cancer.

  • Public servants play vital holiday role

    TOPIC: Helping Kids
    OUR VIEW: Police, firefighters efforts commendable

    Every year about this time in various stores around Hardin County and beyond, children get what is expected at this time of year: A merry Christmas.
    That’s because we are a caring community and we have a caring public work force in folks like our various police agencies and firefighters.
    On Thursday, about 200 youngsters were treated to a Christmas shopping spree here in Elizabethtown.

  • Sen. Tori has served us well

    The topic: Sen. Elizabeth Tori Our view: She served us well

    Elizabeth Tori is in her final days as a Kentucky state senator and too often the value of those who serve in political office are overlooked.
    Tori  has served the 10th District well over the years. The Radcliff Republican  spent 16 years in the Kentucky State Senate and made a difference in Hardin County.

  • Dec. 5, 2010 Editorial: Push for unity reflects reality

    ISSUE: Chamber unification
    OUR VIEW: Recommendation for approval

    Businesses, organizations and individuals who make up local chambers of commerce are being asked to review a detailed and thorough concept to unify Hardin County’s primary advocates of business.

    A single, focused Hardin County Chamber of Commerce would seem to be an obvious and more effective way to manage limited resources.

  • Dec. 2, 2010 editorial: A bill worth a second look

    Regardless of their merit, some bills proposed in the General Assembly never receive serious discussion or consideration.
    One overlooked measure from the 2010 legislative session has been refiled and deserves consideration and passage. It deals with state pensions for future legislators.

  • Nov. 30, 2010, editorial: Bulldogs' success sets area standard

    John Hardin High School’s run at another berth in the Class 5-A state football championship game came to an excruciating end Friday night.
    How the Bulldogs saw their first defeat in 14 games arrive made it a much more bitter pill to swallow.
    Lost in misplays and turnovers on a cold night and a 45-20 defeat to Christian County, was what this team and collection of seniors had accomplished not only in the last three months, but the last three years.
    It is rare in Hardin County that we have had a high school football program this dominant.

  • Holding elected leaders accountable on priorities

    A lot of promises were made by candidates vying for your vote during the most recent campaign season. Some promises communicated a sincere desire to improve upon the status quo. Others, at least to us, seemed nothing more than disingenuous attempts to woo a vote. Some centered on issues that were within the scope of responsibilities for the office a candidate sought, while others related to issues over which they’d have little, if any, influence.
    For each candidate elected, however, at least a few promises hit the mark of importance with the majority of voters.