• Sept. 24, 2014: Our readers write

    Pleased to hear from Weaver

    I am glad I had the opportunity to hear Mike Weaver speak at the Brushy Fork Forum in Vine Grove this past weekend. He covered two important issues facing the City of Radcliff in the future: Our relationship with Fort Knox and economic development.

  • Sept. 23, 2014: Our readers write

    This VA story is about quality care

    Now that the “perfect storm” of protestations have subsided surrounding the scandalous business model of a few select Veterans Administration hospitals, the reader is offered a very personal perspective on this veterans experiences at the Robley Rex VA Medical Center on Zorn Avenue in Louisville.

  • Sept. 22, 2014: Our readers write

    Call for prosecution and audit of EMS

    I still am trying to understand Judge-Executive Harry Berry’s interpretation and rationale of employees’ rights reference theft of taxpayers’ monies. At least $17,303 (80 percent of his overtime) was admitted by resigned Hardin County EMS Mr. Jaimie Miller to have been based upon inaccurate time cards.

  • Sept. 21, 2014: Our readers write

    America need to look at Fed

  • Sept. 19, 2014: Our readers write

    Thoughts about how to use your votes

    On Aug. 27, the Hardin County School Board announced there would be no tax rate increase for the 2014-2015 school year. Last year, their decision was not publicized until October. Could this early announcement of the unanimous vote not to raise taxes possibly be because this is an election year?

  • Sept. 16, 2014: Our readers write

    GOP has turned its back on blacks

    Up to the present time, the Republican Party has not given African-Americans good reason to vote Republican. The party attempts to make it as hard as possible for black people to vote. Why would any voting bloc of people join a political party that tries to suppress the group’s vote?

  • Sept. 14, 2014: Our readers write

    Unable to schedule debate

    As many of you know, I am running a campaign to unseat a long-time incumbent, Jimmie Lee, from the Kentucky House of Representatives. I want voters to know that I sent him a certified letter requesting a series of town forums and debates, but he has chosen to ignore my request.

  • Sept. 12, 2014: Our readers write

    Short memories clouding police issue

    There has been much discussion and hand wringing concerning the militarization of the police in the United States. As we speak, Congress is weighing in to address the issue.

  • Sept. 11, 2014: Our readers write

    Candidate discusses sheriff’s operation
    As a retired patrol deputy sheriff, I studied functions of the Hardin County Sheriff’s Office for more than 16 years and performed many of them from October 1997 before I retired in April 2014.

  • Sept. 5: Our readers write

    Rest of story behind political attack ads