• Aug. 26, 2011: Our readers write

    Stand up for coal
    A few days ago, President Barack Obama told an audience at the Northeast Iowa Community College in Peosta, Iowa, “There are some boneheaded things the government is doing that need to be fixed.” I definitely agree with that and I think a lot of The News-Enterprise readers can agree with that as well. And he went on to say, “Government can make a difference.” I think we can agree with that, provided those in government who can make a difference, will.

  • Aug. 25, 2011: Our readers write

    Satire on display
    On the Aug. 18 Opinion page of The News-Enterprise, a letter said, “Senator Michael Bennet (D-Colo) has stated, ‘Even if a so-called ineligible person (unregistered American, illegal immigrant) casts a ballot, is that really so bad? Shouldn't every living person be entitled to vote for who will rule over him?’ A U.S. senator speaking on behalf of violating our laws.”

  • Aug. 23, 2011: Our readers write

    What a difference a week makes
    I left town for a week. When I returned, I picked up the stack of News-Enterprise papers to catch up on local happenings. The first paper I look at, Aug. 14, had quite a surprise regarding the Y.E.S. petition I signed several months ago.

  • Aug. 22, 2011: Our readers write

    Civil rights regression

  • Aug. 21, 2011: Our readers write

    Recycled arguments in Radcliff politics
    With regards to the issue of a recycle trailer in Radcliff it seems that some of us have lost our perspective.
    Magistrate Doug Goodman, having not gotten his way with Fiscal Court on a recycle trailer for Radcliff, goes back to his district and the city of Radcliff crying foul. With the city’s help he claims to be able to “land a trailer within weeks.”

  • Aug. 19, 2011: Our readers write

    Supporting Bill Johnson
    I read what the Democrat iccandidate for secretary of state, Allison Grimes, had to say about registering the homeless, that no one should need a photo ID to vote.
    Now, let me get this straight. If I want to buy cigarettes or alcohol, I need an ID with a photo and an address. Wouldn’t I need the same to cash a check? How about renting a DVD? Would I need one then? How about applying for a job? Insurance? You know, grown-up stuff we all have to do.

  • Aug. 18, 2011: Our readers write

    Don’t make it easy to rig elections

  • Aug. 16, 2011: Our readers write

    Preserving the identity of the deceased

  • Aug. 11, 2011: Our readers write

    Support makes productions possible

  • Aug. 10, 2011: Our readers write

    Concerning unification
    I have seen many articles over the past few weeks talking about a county merger, and a few days ago I attended the elected officials forum at Hardin Memorial Hospital so I could have questions answered that many of our residents in Radcliff wanted to know. How has it worked for other cities? What will happen city services? The big question is, where will the money come from? But I never got around to asking any of those questions so here is I would like to share about the idea of a merger.