Call for action misses the mark

I totally disagree with Paul Whiteley Sr.’s letter published Aug. 9 calling for the removal of Donald Trump and his GOP enablers.

President Trump has done more for America than sit on his proverbial butt passing out free goodies such as welfare, open borders, free education and free health care for anyone who claims asylum status at our borders.

America has a real problem with gun control that is sending the Democratic candidates screaming at Repub­licans and, in particular, Mitch McConnell to do something. Congress needs to get back to work now. A month off for vacation so the Democrats can recharge their batteries for another onslaught of subpoenas is ludicrous.

The letter writer is missing the mark. Get a copy of the gun control bill and read it. Look at every word and understand it. Make sure the Democrats haven’t slipped in another “free entitlement” program just to make themselves look good. But do not pass judgment on my president.

Marcella Goodin


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Please explain to me how you do not know that the so-called freebe culture you blame on Democrats were passed and promoted from Republicans as well. The very idea people like you believe all social programs were Democrat ideas. The American education system has absolutely failed you Trump cultist. You seem to not understand American history or basic economics. As you watch this Country head for another Republican-led Recession you rant the same old song and dance about Democrats. President Donald Trump in his first four years will add at a minimum of $6 trillion to the deficit. President Barack Obama in eight years added $9 trillion to the deficit But he inherited the Bush/Cheney economic disaster and two unfunded fake wars. So what has your President actually done? A useless trade war which is a tax on American consumers. Tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans who moved that wealth out of the United States. Putting farmers on welfare. Allowing the third-largest American Coal mine to not pay any royalties or taxes. Read about Blackjewell. Just what has your President actually done that has not blown up in his face. Unemployment has been going down since 2007 every month until July 2019. And now the Trump Administration is having to recalculate May and June 2019 numbers because they made mistakes. The word stalled is not a good word the Trump administration wants to hear. GDP running at 2.1%. Trump called President Obama's GDP numbers of 2%-3% a horrible job. What shall we call Trump's GDP numbers? Do you use a different yardstick depending if you're measuring a Democrat versus a Republican?


Ms. Goodin,

I agree with most of your comments. President is perfect for the country and should be the example we use to elect all of our Presidents. I love the brash, in your face, work ethic he displays every day. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN is happening under his intense leadership.

I disagree with your comments concerning gun control. I have a right to bear arms and I do so proudly. Any Red Flag law proposed is nothing more than an effort have citizens tattle on each other, which ultimately becomes a form of control and restriction. I mean how did the fellow that shot six cops in Philadelphia get a gun? He managed to obtain a gun despite the fact that he had been arrested 12 times in the past. What Red Flag law is going to stop someone like this? We have these mass shooting incidents and then don’t really address the real issues. There is a lack of critical thinking primarily because Democrats just want to rid the country of guns much like many of the failed socialist countries around the world.

Now Ms. Goodin, get ready for additional comments by my good friend Michael. He is so very entertaining to me and I predict a literal verbal vomit of nonsensical writing by the end of the evening.


DONO, your last paragraph says it all. Amen.


Same to you Linda Duv are you ready to take our differnces public at the News Enterprise? Pictures and interviews about our veiws? I will bring you all donuts. So far, like Conservative politicians of the Great Trump Cultist movement no one will accept the challenge. Give an opinion and hide that is the Conservative M.O.. That has made Mitch "the turtle" McConnell a legend in the Conservative party. You people lack the faith and conviction of your opinions to publicaly defend them. My Challenge will always be open to you people.


Oh DONO the computer warrior. Still hiding and posting your Conservative rants. I see you continue to refuse my challenge to meet the News Enterprise for some pictures and interviews about your political faith in your cult leader Trump. Instead, you remain hidden in your Bat Crazy cave and post your pathetic opinions. Challange still out there cultist. Let us make our differences public like real Americans. And you can stop acting like a Russian troll.

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