Central issue is value of human life

With the recent shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, there have been the renewed calls from liberal Democrats and their mainstream media mouthpieces for more gun control. Even back in December 2018, The New York Times reported there had been 39,773 firearm-related deaths in 2017.

But will gun control really solve the problem? Isn’t the real issue of how little value this society puts on human life in general?

Case in point, according to abort73.com, there were approximately 892,000 abortions in 2017, which was more than 22 times higher than the firearms deaths. Yet many of the same people who cry out for gun control will defend the woman’s so-called “right to choose.”

Can any of them seriously deny the fact that more than 50 million unborn children have died in abortion clinics over the past 40 years?

It is my opinion these liberal Democrats have no more regard for human life than either of the recent shooters or the operators of an abortion clinic. Rather, they have a thirst for power and know an armed citizen is an obstacle to that power.

Socialist icon Vladimir Lenin stated this case well when he said, “A man with a gun can control 100 without one.”

Remember, the key word in gun control is “control.”

Allen Alfreds


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Wow, more gun propaganda. When did having assault rifles with 100 round clips become a necessity to hunt or for home defense? Never! I t is an absurd concept. These weapons with 30,60 and 100 shot clips are designed to kill a lot of people really quickly. The mentally ill lie is just that a lie. People can be evil. People can believe the rhetoric of President Donald Trump and take action. There has been confirmed 36 Federal cases of violence purely based on the support of President Donald Trump. None under Obama or Bush/Cheney. Since the attempted assassination of President Ronald Reagan Conservatives decided to make the second Amendment a core value and have prevented common-sense legislation to protect the American people. Now we have evil people with complete access to firearms that kill a lot of people really quickly. Why? Those who created the second amendment were not infallible. They did not stop slavery, give women the right to vote nor address child labor laws. Future generations corrected those injustices. But the second amendment has been declared a Holy right with unholy consequences. How can people believe these large-capacity ammunition weapons is a right when so many have been killed in the last 2 1/2 years.

To compare abortion to second amendment rights is another foolish attempt to smear the issues. If your wife was forced to have a child and she died what would you do? That is the choices anti-abortion religious zealots are forcing on American women. These Anti-abortionist have no Biblical justification for their beliefs. Its condemnation was not in the Bible nor Biblical history. Instead, a very small religious cult was driven out of Europe in the early 1800s and fled to America to spread their narrow views. They believed slavery was a God-given right. A woman had no rights beyond what their husbands allowed them. Women should never vote. They believed abortion was a sin and found the American medical society an ally. Now Conservatives have made Anti-abortion a core belief. They have placed their immoral wall between people and God. They say if you do not follow their religious dogma then you are not a Christian. The same political dogma about the second amendment. They have carved up the American society into us vs them. Our team or their team mentality. I have conversed with several Preachers in this community and they have no religious foundation for their anti-abortion beliefs. They just leave it to faith. My response has always been that faith has been subjective throughout history. The Declaration of Independence was for white people. The civil war was over white power. Abortion is over who controls a women's body. The government or women. Currently, religious exemptions for medical treatment exist that prevent medical care. If you force women to have children based on your personal religious and so-called moral beliefs would that extend to other religious beliefs? There are plenty of religious beliefs in Kentucky that want to ban alcohol, smoking, and gambling including wagering on horse races. There are thousands of versions of Christianity in America alone. That is why the separation of church and state is so important. Everyone believes in their version of Christianity and the others are false Christians. Just look at the Cult of President Donald Trump. They ignore his constant lies and deceptions. His verbal name-calling and shaming of those who disagree with him are ignored. His profiting from his Presidency is ignored. His racism and Nationalism are ignored. His Christian cult claim he has been chosen by God to lead America. Does that mean every previous American President was chosen by God? Based on their comments about President Barack Obama I would say no.

So let me be clear. The anti-abortion movement is a blasphemy against the teachings of Jesus Christ and against God. The Second Amendment is an Amendment that is supposed to keep this Nation safe but gun nuts and the corrupt NRA has prevented common-sense reforms from passing for generations because of money and political power.


"The anti-abortion movement is a blasphemy against the teachings of Jesus Christ and against God."

Absolutely incredible that a grown human being can make a statement like this admitting that close to a million children were slaughtered in 2017 alone. As usual, though, he says and writes nothing that backs up his statements. Oh well, what else is new? His TDS is definitely now full blown.


You are a grown adult hiding your identity posting BS because your comments are just BS. Again you phony Christian prove that abortion is slaughtering children. Nothing and I mean nothing is in the BIBLE mentions abortion. Some fanatics kicked out Europe in the early 1800s started this blasphemous movement and you fake Christians still believe their evil. When are you people going to learn enslaving women to have children is un-American and a sin. And your continued cowardice about debating me in public makes you a very typical cultist of Trump and the new conservative republican party.

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