Looking for action amid prayers

On the occasion of the mass shooting on the 215th day of 2019, we hear the same words coming out of the mouths of way too many zombie politicians: “Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families ... ”

Well, here’s a few thoughts: Hey. Mr. President, Hey. Senator, Hey. Governor, Hey. Congressperson, could you give us some thoughts about how we can prevent the next shooting and the one after that?

And if you’re short on thoughts, try listening to what a majority of Americans think: “There’s no reason ordinary citizens need to possess rapid-fire, magazine-fed, automatic rifles designed for infantry use.”

And here’s another thought: I refuse to accept this daily ritual slaughter as the price we must pay for the freedom to pack any gun we want.

So please, will you do something about that? I know it will cost the guns and ammo crowd a few bucks, but hey, your first job is to keep us safe. Isn’t it?

And here’s a few prayers: I know you might lose a bunch of votes and campaign contributions, but I pray that all our elected officials snap out of their stupor and realize those bodies lying in the pools of blood, they are our mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, and sons and daughters.

And after that, I pray Congress passes some meaningful legislation to address this real American carnage. Yeah, I know you’re on your month-long vacation, but we’re probably talking about 35 more mass shooting if you don’t.

I also pray, and I realize this is a huge one, but I pray our president will denounce the hatred, racism, xenophobia and violence associated with white nationalism – and mean it. Amen.

Joe Zarantonello


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The gentleman writing this letter made 2 very serious mistakes. Neither the El Paso shooter or the Dayton shooter was carrying an automatic weapon. Both weapons in the attacks were semi-automatic rifles similar to many rifles that legal gun owners use to hunt. In fact, my husband has one that he uses to deer hunt with. The writer obviously has never been in the military or he would have known that these were not automatic weapons.

The second mistake was blaming so called white nationalism, whatever that is, for the shootings. Apparently he has not read the link attached and is a big fan of CNN and MSLSD.. The Dayton shooter was an avowed, died in the wool, Bernie Sanders/Pocohantas Warren Marxist/Communist. Definitely not a President Trump fan but I'm sure that no one in the Lamestream Media has told the writer this. So I can understand his delusion.


hahahahahaha "died in the wool, Bernie Sanders/Pocohantas Warren Marxist/Communist" You are hilarious chastising someone for their beliefs and you name call. What do you call the EL PASO shooter a died in the wool, Donald Trump/Russian Mitch Conservative/Authutorian White Nationalist. So you do not care what gun is used to kill a lot of people really, really fast. Maybe we should just ban all guns except flintlocks. The Second Amendment was written in that age so only those guns should be legal. Lamestream Media hahahahahhahahahhahaha. Please list your not-lamestream media. I wonder what you consider non-lamestream media? It is so funny you do not even know what white nationalism is. Try the internet and type in white nationalism. You can read straight from their own sites. Also, please tell us the body count of liberal shooter versus conservative shooters. Why are you always bringing up liberal shooters and not mentioning conservative shooters? Are you really keeping a kill count? I hate to tell you but your side wins. Congratulations!!!!! Your soft morales about the guns is misleading. The shooters are using variances of AR-RIFLES with ammunition of over 100 shot clips. Pistols with 30 round clips. You trying to make light of AR-style weapons and semi-automatic weapons is hilarious. Semi-automatic weapons are being used to wound, maim and murder a lot of people at a time and you are making Second Amendment BS statements. If a hunter goes out to hunt with an AK-47 style weapon with a drum clip of 100 rds then that hunter is not a hunter but a who could not hit the side of a barn. These murders bought legal guns because they are legal Americans who can buy guns designed to kill lots of people very quickly in America. But hey, if you want to play the legal gun owner hunter needing a Semi-automatic rifle with a 100 bullet drum to squirrel hunt then ok. If that makes sense to you then what can we all say but WOW!

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