Governor has overseen prosperity

I was quite amused by a letter Aug. 2 in The News-Enterprise critical of Gov. Matt Bevin. Without citing sources, there were several comments of misinformation and outright distortions I would like to point out but due to the required brevity of this letter, I’ll only comment concerning Kentucky’s economic growth.

There were several generalities in the letter. I will talk specifics.

The writer makes the comment that economic growth in Kentucky has slowed since Gov. Bevin took office. I’m sure this information comes from the Kentucky Center for Economic Policy whose article appeared recently in the pro-Democrat Louisville Courier Journal. In reality, the KCEP is nothing more than a left-wing Democratic Party PAC headed by long time Democrat Jason Bailey who was also a member of Steve Beshear’s so-called “Blue Ribbon Commission on Tax Reform.” We saw how successful that was.

Now here are the facts. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, when Bevin took office in Decem­ber 2015, unemployment in Kentucky was 5.2 percent. In May of 2019, it was 4 percent. Real employment from December 2015 to May 2019 has increased by 51,130 people. Real unemployment has decreased for those same dates by 22,641 people. These numbers reflect real people getting real jobs, paying taxes and increasing revenue. It also reflects fewer people drawing unemployment and living on various forms of government assistance.

In fact, according to the same Courier Journal, “Ken­tucky tax revenues outperformed expectations in the recently ended fiscal year, leaving the state with a $194.5 million surplus on July 1. The surplus should allow the state to cover some unbudgeted expenses, transfer $70 million to the Teachers’ Retirement System medical insurance fund, and give a little help to the state’s most troubled pension plan, which provides retirement benefits for most state workers.”

Gov. Bevin has worked to allow people to get real jobs, increasing their self-esteem and dignity, raising revenue while decreasing the expense of people on state and federal assistance. In other words, a win-win for everyone. Gov. Bevin had plenty to brag about at Fancy Farm.

Lanny Vincent, chairman

LaRue County Republican Party

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You mentioned poverty in LaRue County, poverty and working go hand in hand. I agree. Make work available as President Trump and Gov. Bevin has, get them off the X-box and get a job and get off Medicaid and food stamps as many people already have. . See, that was easy.


Yea, what you said is BS. The job growth you brag about has been slowing down because the tax break for the wealthy did not trickle down. The GDP has been slowing down. Even President Barack Obama's numbers were better. 2.1 for 2019. How said and the stock market is going down week after week. The job growth rate is almost stalled after steady growth since 2007. Even now Donald Trump's economic team is having to restate the May 2019 and June 2019 job growth because it was estimated higher than it actually was. President Donald Trump signed the budget for unregulated spending in the military and discretionary spending through the 2020 election. No cap to the deficit. People like you screamed to high heaven when President Obama took the deficit from $10 trillion to $19 trillion in eight years. President Obama had the yearly deficit to around $550 billion a year without Conservative Republican help. Now President Donald Trump has increased the National Debt to $2.1 trillion per year for the next 10 years if spending froze right now. But Trump signed an unlimited debt ceiling until after 2020. This fall Congress and the Senate has the normal budget item war. But why are you not mad about Trump's deficit? Obama added over $9 trillion in eight years and in four Trump will add $6 trillion. How easy is this again? Again Bevin has no idea how deadbeats are on Medicaid. Trump has no idea how many are on food stamps. But both are willing to hurt the many for their image and ego. Common sense would first to prove what you say first and then justify what you do. You once said that Matt Bevin never planned to remove 400,000 Kentuckians from Medicaid. You called me a liar who could not prove it. You would not even look it up.

Matt Bevin stated he would remove Kentucky from the ACA Medicaid expansion. This allowed Kentuckians living under the 138% poverty line or about $16,000 per year to get health insurance for free or at a subsided low rate. By removing Kentucky from that federal program 400,000 Kentuckians would lose health insurance. Now please explain how this was not Matt Bevins plan before he was stopped. And so you know 30% of Kentuckians voted in Bevins governor win. Of that amount, Bevins won 53% to 44% manly do to Trump mania. The Conservative Republican leaders had originally declared Bevins a Kentucky outsider when he ran against McConnell. Thanks to the Blackjewell scandal and Trump's hurting the Kentucky farmers and coal minors Bevins is going to have a tough job. See how easy this is........


Lanny Vincent:

The CJ article that you refer to is not biased. It appears to be solid reporting. It quoted as many, if not more official Republican sources to counterbalance the KCEP info.

In fact, I'm guessing it is where you got the information you used in your own letter.

The article is (should be) here:

-- Greg

Lanny Vincent

Good to hear from you, Greg. I've read the article. I'm sure that Mr. Bryan did also. You're certainly entitled to your opinion but I disagree. It is biased. The CJ allows Bailey to cherry pick statistics. That's what's good about America, though. We can all agree to disagree.


Where did you run to Lanny Vincent? When can we meet? I prefer some morning at the News-Enterprise so we can het aa picture and be interviewed about our comments. Maybe they can print some. By the way are you not cherry picking with your praise of Trump and Bevins? Do you think Matt Bevins and Trump is responsible for BlackJewel scandal?

Lanny Vincent

Michael, I appreciate your compliments and comments. I'll save you the effort of contacting "prominent Republicans" concerning my comments. Most of them have already contacted me by e-mail or personal phone call to compliment me concerning my letter. Good try but thanks anyway.


I am sure they because you only want to high light to good and never mention your bad. What did the Republican party do for the coal miners in Kentucky, while giving nothing is wrong speeches, were being given at Fancy Farm? I mean Kentucky was humiliated again by future Conservative Republican youths who molested a full-size cut out of AOC. Just good clean fun, I guess in your mind. But back to Kentucky miners. A conservative Republican mine owner strips all the money from the company and builds a $30 million dollar resort while having the company paychecks bounce. Where has the Governor of Kentucky been? In fact, what has Governor Matt Bevin done for Kentucky miners? How about, what has he done for the counties where coal miners live? It was Mitch McConnell's wife while secretary of labor that allowed no challenge to a judge who first allowed a coal mine company to file bankruptcy on minors benefits. Coal Mine billionaire owners walked away from their promises to minors and now those same minors are on government(taxpayer) relieve. They get less than 60% of what they earned for retirement. And Mitch McConnell has limited funding to these minor funds to a yearly budget fight. So these miners have to sweat every year to see what benefits they will get from Mitch McConnell. I do not see this as a win for Coal Miners. Also, the waters in eastern Kentucky are being contaminated by Coal companies dumping debris in creeks and streams. Currently, every coal company is very badly behind in reclamation of coal land. Can you help me find documentation about how Governor Bevin has held these mine owners accountable for their obligations to Kentucky?

Kentucky, as you said, gained in factory jobs. What happened to Kentucky farm industries. Currently, the Governors Agriculture numbers are not being released. Do you know why? Thanks to the Presidents, unforced trade war, the Farming Industry in America has lost 16% of their exports this year and American prices have fallen. Bankruptcies have tripled for Farmers. The Secretary of Agriculture stated last week that he promises America will regain their market share someday. And President Donald Trump stated last week that things were turning around for farmers. But there are no official numbers to back either man. China and Russia have bonded to supply each other and China has been creating massive farms in Africa for the last ten years. Currently, South America has increased supplying China. The Trump administration is just now trying to convince other countries like India to buy America's rising surplus of Farm Products. Even in Larue county farms are hurting. Do you make empty promises to them as well?

What about poverty? Is it not true poverty in Larue county is over 15%? Hardin and LaRue county are very fortunate. We are very wealthy counties. But Kentucky has 120 counties. Far too many people look out their window and think that since they are ok then everyone is ok.

I would like to meet you, LINDA DUV, DONO and Randall and have a discussion of the issues may be hosted by our two counties newspapers. I would like to discuss your previous comments.


How many have read your personal comments? I am determined to provide your personal comments to everyone. If prominent Republicans want to publicly support your rants and divisiveness then that will be great.

Lanny Vincent Jun 19, 2019 10:44am

The only one writing crazy here is you, Michael. You prove nothing, show no facts, post nothing, etc. There was nothing racist about me mentioning Michelle or Barack Hussein. That IS their names if I remember correctly. More race-baiting from you and please tell us how you know that there were abortions taking place 5,000 years ago. I'd love to hear that one. As far as me posting comments, I'll do it anywhere I want to.

Lanny Vincent Jun 18, 2019 8:19am

Michael, I always find it amusing, and funny really, to read your posts. Where did you get the information that abortions were common 5,000 years ago? Where did you dream that one up? Human beings were simply trying to survive and procreate. Also, be careful about commenting that people chatter like monkeys. First of all look at the length of your posts as compared to everyone else's. Talk about repeating the same, tired old falsehoods. Also, be careful about calling someone a monkey. If you had said that to Michelle or Barack Hussein, every black racist and white race-baiting fake news person would be screaming like a whipped pup. From Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Maxine Waters to Anderson Cooper to Chris Cuomo. You would have been castigated to no end. So, be careful with your racist remarks.

Lanny Vincent Feb 22, 2019 2:18pm

Well, well, well, I see that you're at it again, Mr. Lies. You're back to generalized comments that have little or no factual content. I really don't know where to start. First of all, you make a comment implying that the Republican Party is robbing someone blind. Maybe you've been to Colorado or California lately but its the Democrats who are robbing people blind with their socialistic tax hikes and the alleged health care reform that taxes working and middle class people so that drug dealers and those "unwilling to work", as the Green New Deal states, so they can have free or low cost health insurance. The Trump tax cuts this year put about $1,000.00 in my pockets this year and I'm on a fixed income.

As far as your comments concerning indictments, etc., bear in mind that none of them had anything to do with Donald Trump and Russian collusion. In fact, the only Russian collusion that we KNOW of is the DNC and the Clinton campaign paying an English spy to collude with the Russians to create a fake dossier on Trump. In fact, Mueller's upcoming report will state that there was no collusion between Trump, his campaign and the Russians.

As far as billionaires are concerned, Mr. Lies, I don't like them anymore than you do. The likes of socialists like George Soros and Michael Bloomberg make me want to puke.

As far as facts are concerned, Mr. Lies, I attached some links for your perusal. (Perusal means for your viewing, for low information voters) I can get you plenty more credible sources if I need to. Do you know how to do a Google search?

Last but not least is your comments about name calling when in fact, the first person to call you a name was you, "The Truth". What an oxymoron. (I'm sure that you can look up oxymoron in the dictionary) It certainly wasn't me. One other question is can you READ? It's Lanny Vincent, not Larry. I don't use an alias because I back up what I say. I don't need to hide behind a fake name. What is your REAL name, Mr. Lies? Then as far as your comment about grown-ups, do you know one Mr. Lies because you sure don't fit the bill.

Lanny Vincent Feb 15, 2019 9:23am

I really feel sorry for Mr. Whiteley. Apparently, he doesn't understand that the average American family received an $870.00 tax cut making $50,000.-$75,00. a year from this legislation. My wife and my taxes were cut by approximately the same amount and we're on a fixed income. This tax cut is HUGE for us. Middle-Class Americans making between $75,000.-$100,000. received an average of a $1,310.00 tax cut. Money to be spent on items that require people to make, thus creating jobs. Yea, I know that "jobs" is a four-letter word that most Democrats despise much like the word "work". It would behoove Mr. Whiteley to do a little research before he parrots Schumer and Pelosi's propaganda.

Your writings are the very definition of being divisive.


I'm sure Mr. Vincent appreciates you posting his accurate and factual comments.


More lies. The Trump administration has promised to aid farmers as necessary just recently as a couple of days ago. The bottom line is, these facts defy your lies. As far as disseminating Mr. Vincent's remarks to Republican leaders in the state, I'm sure he'd be proud that you did.


I am not sure what you heard or read, but the Secretary of Agriculture could not very President Donald Trump's agriculture comments. President Donald Trump stated that things are turning around for farmers. When asked the Secretary could not support that statement by the President. As far as further aid to Farmers the Secretary stated no more aid is alloted for farmers. The Secretary also stated that farmers will gain back their market share in the world markets. This year they lost 16% of the world market. American farmers number one market was China and thanks to Trump's new tariff China cancelled all American farm imports. The only thing President Trump created was increased farm bankrupties and lower farm market prices and increased consumer prices at the market. Since Trump doesnt know China has been creating massive farms in Africa. How can he promise farmers will be doing great in the future? China is not hurting for farm products since South American countries stepped up and Russia has gained market share. These sales of farm products only help South America,Russia and Africa. America becomes the big loser. Farmers are recieving welfare from the tax payer because of Trump.

Coal miners lost biggely under Trump as well. His administration helped Blackjewel,LLC skirt the law by not having to post a bond for operating in Kentucky. Both the Kentucky Labor Cabinet Secretary David A. Dickerson and The Kentucky Secretary of State’s office failed to prevent this from happening. Blackjewell, LLC was created in 2017.


Have you failed to review Kentucky farmers decreasing market share and the Bourbon industry loss of market share thanks to Donald Trump's personal Tariff war? Trump has put the American farmer on welfare. 16% loss of market share. The Secretary of Agriculture told farmers recently that they will regain their market share someday. The Trump administration has stated no more money to farmers. Foreclosures are at record highs. Kentucky Farmers and the Bourbon industry has taken massive hits. You brag about factory job increases as if that is Kentucky's economy. 120 counties and a few get factories and the other Counties under Matt Bevin and your Conservative Republican leadership gets nothing. Oh wait, they get fewer SNAP benefits. Have you checked the poverty statistics for Kentucky under Trump/Bevin? Poverty Rate 15.8% for Larue County. What has your party done in Larue county to relieve poverty in your own county? I have read many of your comments and will be publishing them to many prominent Republicans in your county and around Kentucky.

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